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This is how you drain a fuckin swamp people.

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We’ll see.

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TPTB have been pushing for this. Like, let's look at the situation. Migrants flooding their country and taxes so high they can't feed themselves. What exactly is the alternative outcome? It's the frog in boiling water and they cranked up the heat very quick. They know what they're doing.

Think of it like this. If the government in the US was overthrown what do you think would take its place? That's a scary thought considering our civil rights are constantly under seige.

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The French have always thrown a good riot.

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The only wars they ever win are against themselves.

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It's more dififcult when the majority of the swamp is spread accross people rather than concentrated in a minority

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Lol they used a forklift to break into the ministry of finance. These guys really know how to have a riot.

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ALERT Macron was not evacuated. His representative was when they stormed the finance ministry.

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Correct, also MSM were there and there were no arrests... i smell bs... in better news, numbers are back up, much much higher than bogus interior ministry 50k (which was 25k at noon heh), police union released 300k estimates

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Yes, thankQ what happens when my coffee tank is low 😩

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Good thing it's not a riot then.

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pussy riot?

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its more then a riot at this point

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its a revolition

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For minor disturbance they dump a ton of oo-nasty outside the door....

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Soros and the EU is done. The Muslim better get the hell out of Europe before it explodes.

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moeslums are the reserve army. tey are armed & financed. they hide their shit in the mosques, now that islamaphobia is a crime.

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This could be a thread all on its own.

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Their weapons are perfectly secured by their no-go zones which are 'prohibited' areas. If the French people don't finish this endeavour completely and the government stands strong, I see larger no-go zones throughout Paris and France.

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Where are the cockroaches ??

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At the zoo, raping animals because no one's looking?

[–] HillBoulder 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Niggers too!

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It’s cute that you think that. Nothing is happening against the EU.

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Deus Vult was prominently displayed on one of the yellow jackets, but it's all about gas taxes.

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Paging @zyklon_b....

The gift-gas that keeps vergiftung

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This is going to lead to the fall possibly of the EU and what replaces it could be worse. 4th Reich

The 4th Reich is exactly what this world needs though. It is the only way to solve the real (((problem))).

[–] fritz_maurentod 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

under Merkel? No thanks!

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Why are you so stupid that THIS is your first assumption? Are you even capable of critical thinking?

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Go! Go! Go! Godspeed and safety. As for mention of 4th Reich, yes revolution is always dangerous, but continuation of European situation spells death for everything that was ever great in Europe.

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A macaroni in mid-18th-century England was a fashionable fellow who dressed and even spoke in an outlandishly affected and epicene manner. The term pejoratively referred to a man who "exceeded the ordinary bounds of fashion" in terms of clothes, fastidious eating, and gambling. He mixed Continental affectations with his English nature, like a practitioner of macaronic verse, laying himself open to satire...

[–] singlebrain1 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Yankee Doodle went to town a riding on a pony

Stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni

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Awesome historical connection singlebrain!

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[–] SaveTheChildren 3 points 2 points (+5|-3) ago 

Theyre trannies! Macaroni = ftm

[–] The_Real_Wahrheit 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

I'm picturing the Human Ken Doll on a pony! Apologies in advance for the image.

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It's about GOD DAMN TIME people stand up for themselves!!

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