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Nice analogy of camping and your house

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now slowly grow that red pill with her own empathy, honesty and love - show her that the main stream media has abused your wife's good character by deceiving her through emotional cues again and again and again

this is the only way to redpill the absolute 'brainwashed'. find a small hole in the armor and slowly let the truth seep through until it all bursts.

i've been red pilling people on the international bankers, freemasons, jews, hitler, you name it for years. every person needs a different approach to break the armor, but it almost always starts working after said person had a real-life experience or realization.

Good luck and don't stop if you succeed with your wife. The entire western world needs to be with us.

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Yes. À lot of people need to "discover" part of it themselves. Otherwise you just end up sounding like a nutjob. Lol.

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Something I realized about people years ago is that generally speaking people will not be confused by facts that contradict their own preconceived opinions. This is because of latent ego, plain and simple. It’s difficult for the human mind to wrap around the fact they are wrong or have been deceived. However, when we tell the truth in love, God can use that quality information to break through their ego wall at 2 am when they are alone in bed and can’t get to sleep for some reason. It’s really incredible when you think about it. Short of physically plugging their ears, they cannot stop the truth from entering in once it’s said! Then it’s all up to God to bring it back to them when they least expect it, when they are all alone and their ego defenses are down. Sounds to me like you are doing a great job. Family is so hard to be patient with. Part of why my ex wife divorced me was because I was an ass and didn’t learn what I just said until it was too late. Of course I learned it at 2am when I was by myself and couldn’t sleep. Blessings to you my fiend. Patriots like yourself are what makes the America Great.

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As I often read : It is easier to fool people than it is to make them realise they have been fooled. Well done Patriot. Stay safe in these troublesome times.

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Great thanks for this. So true in my experience.

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I admire your patience. I’d have to divorce an idiot like that.

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Me too! My hubby was born in to a fam of generational Dems. He despises Dems but has a few subconscious tendencies that makes it hard to keep from wanting to bash his brains in from time to time but Praise Jesus its only occasional hiccups.

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My first thought was how could someone live with & love somebody who is so delusional? He must have the patience of Job.

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It’s not easy. Like walking on eggshells. But my hubby now has started to ask questions about things he hears on the news, and I explain from the Q point of view. Now he actually reads the links I send him! Baby steps.

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Women follow strong men, just like men do.

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Speak for yourself Flamer.

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Hey buddy, Jesus loves you.

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Praying for you....I can't imagine living with someone with those beliefs.

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My wife was a Trump hater too. Then jew media pushed the caravan narrative and Trump said America first. NPR tried to position it as a bad thing. She started telling me she listened to Trump speak, on NPR no less,and she agreed with everything he said. She still doesn't love Trump but she recognizes Jew influence so we're getting somewhere.

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Well my spouse and son voted for Trump but they still have their heads stuck up Lester's back side. It's just disgusting.

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An anilingus reference? Everything after the 'but' is making me wtf.

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But; does tend to negate everything that was stated before it.

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Israel first! Gotta support our greatest ally. 9/11 was a wonderful gift they gave us. Glad they are good friends with Trump.

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Except dumb leftists are TOO STUPID to figure out that their SLEAZY party dumped us there in 1947. WE HAVEN'T LEFT THERE SINCE.

Yes, BLAME TRUMP for leftist LOW IQ.

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They are not good friends with Trump. Havent you learned anything yet? Israels turn is coming.

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