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Wow. I was curious to see where this went and the breakdown of voat's for or against. It appears there are quite a few more Flat Earth Hypothesis believers than I would have expected. Surprised. I would be curious to know what it would actually take to convince a Flat Earther that, Yes, we do live on a spherical planet in a system of spheres in a universe of spheres and so on... What would be that thing that would make them go "OK, fine, not Flat". Just curious. And by the way, I don't want to be hypocritical either. Much of the normies out there think all of us on this board are crazy for even considering that QAnon is real. So, we should at least be open to Flat Earther arguments before deciding. I looked at it... found many of the arguments interesting... but in the end felt the case for a sphere was more compelling than a flat disk.


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Dude, there’s no curvature. So how exactly are you going to prove the earth is a spinning ball?