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Is this another variant of "Watch the Water" from Q?

Would make a great sequel: Waterworld II

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Could be! The more I think of it, I think you nailed it. Q: Watch the water.

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i'll bet oboonga wishes he'd have shut down the place while he had the chance, if he gets locked up there.

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Trump to Obummer: I assume you will want a GITMO Cell facing Mecca?


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I bet — much more than that — that he wishes he'd pulled off a FF big enough to trick us into giving up our guns so he could have just skipped that pesky 2016 election.

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Especially since his bunker in Arlington is shut down.

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serves him right for disrespecting the dead of the warriors by building it there.

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I hope they load up in DC and LA then head for international waters for some maritime international law cruising before reaching GITMO

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And thru the b triangle !

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I hope this is true. I pray this is true. I hope something big happens. It's depressing to have my hopes dashed over and over and deja vu all over again. Don't show us fake shit for a few shekels. Please be real.

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Hopes dashed? There's a lot going on man... And not much negative that I know of. Look at who's dying, who's forced to sit quietly in the background... New alliances. Plays are being made every day. The real narrative seldom gets out though. Converting a swamp into fertile ground takes time.

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Explain the bump stock ban, fanboi.

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The real narrative seldom gets out though.

Plausible claim, and the reason I might still allow a 1% chance Q isn't a malicious hoax of some kind.

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I posted a link for that New York prison barge yesterday (article from 2012):

NYC’s Prison Barge – The Most Depressing Barge in the World?

New York City Prison Barge, The Vernon C. Bain Center (VCBC), is an 800-bed jail barge that is designed to handle inmates from medium- to maximum-security in 16 dormitories and 100 cells. It resides on the East River approximately one mile west of SUNY Maritime College.

The barge falls under the New York City Department of Corrections and is part of the vast Rikers Island jail complex, the world’s largest penal colony. The prison barge was built in New Orleans for $161 million and brought to New York in 1992 to reduce overcrowding on the island’s land-bound buildings. Since the jail is not permanently moored to the shore, Coast Guard regulations require that she have 3 maritime crew on board at all time, including a mate, an engineer and an oiler. With this in mind the blog, admiraltymaritimelaw.blogspot.com posed this question.

If an inmate or an employee is injured on the barge would it fall under admiralty jurisdiction? Believe it or not it appears the question has never been litigated, at least I can’t find it in my search of federal and New York cases.

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I read about the one coming from the West Coast, it has previously been used to catch drug smugglers at sea. They said, the Coast Guard were not in U.S. jurisdiction yet so smugglers not officially arrested, just detained. Of course, they are officially arrested when the ship reaches US territory.....which could be weeks or months depending upon the shipping schedule. Same difference, the smugglers are basically prisoners aboard this ship.

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Question is- who is going to be on them?

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You have to ask???

Hint: 68,000 sealed indictments.

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Proof they are going to Gitmo?? You got solid proof?

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And they wouldn't be sending them there empty, would they?

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That's a nice thought!

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I’ll take your downvotes now, but nothing will significant will happen in 2018. Nothing we’ll know about anyway.

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