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2019 will be GLORIOUS ! thank U SB2. Merry Christmas !

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Amazing SB2! Seems to confirm what we are all expecting, time for the round ups, and the round ups might happen before Christmas! I read that the docks at GITMO were dredged to permit HUGE SHIPS to dock at GITMO, ships that will also contain prisoners, because too many to process at once or hold at GITMO prisons, so they will be held on ships, like a floating hotel. Seems to fit in with your interpretation of this coded message between Hannity and FLOTUS.

LOVE the fact that FLOTUS happened to visit this particular air craft carrier named after one of the big heads of the cabal, Bush Sr (otherwise known as "poppy" due to all of his opium drug trafficking)!

Concrete Cutter Repairs Pier at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station

One CSDA member recently traveled to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay to cut and remove an old concrete pier and returned several months later to resolve a critical issue with the new pier construction. The job involved core drilling six 18-inch-diameter, 7.3-foot-deep holes in concrete pipe piles using diamond tools.


COMMENT: These new piers are very important.They can be used if necessary to berth decommisioned Navy vessels such as LST's, Aircraft Carriers and the like each of which can house up to 6000 persons on a temporary basis until the final housing and/or trials are completed. LOL, cant you just see a ship full of lawyers standing in a chow line dressed in tattered 3-piece suits?

MARTIAL LAW After Christmas? Q's Warnings of Martial Law


Q Followers Briefed on Laws Surrounding Enemy Combatants and the use of the Military to round up Treasonous Enemy Combatants - check!

Q Post Dec 2: #2523 - GITMO READY FOR NEW INMATES - Everything Ready for ROUND-UPS!!! Trump Can Use Deadly Military Force for Round Ups!!!


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I'm glad your brain can do this, mine can't. One of the anons here called the hotel and found out the other two stockings' letters. I tagged you in it. I thought it might be needed for your decode. Will it make a difference with the additional two letters?

Thank you SB2, Merry Christmas!

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Constantly impressed by SB2. I also see Santa holding an evergreen by it's neck over his shoulder. That evergreen could be HRC (SS Codename). May not mean anything but I'm enjoying the image in my mind's eye of Santa dragging her around by the neck on Christmas Eve.

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Q said there was a lot in that pic ... good eye patriot!

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Thank you! Here's to hoping Evergreen is SantaQ's Christmas present this year! Q also said on Christmas last year: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Celebrate this SPECIAL day in a BIG way! So many ways to construe.... ;)

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That is absolutely mind blowing! I so want this to be finally happening!

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Thankyou for your insight. brilliant. exciting to be onboard. God Bless

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Absolutely fantastic SB2! You make it look so easy...Merry Christmas! Thank you for everything! FT

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Update: There are only six stockings left!

They now are J Q T A S K. http://magaimg.net/img/6vht.jpg

The large gingerbread man is now missing his eyes.

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Give me a fucking break. Think of all the number there and all the myriad ways that could be combined to come up with some expression with the same gematria value.

Hi, I'm cereal brane. Did you get that, its me, Serial Brain. I'm insane in the membrane. I'm the living Pythagoras. It's all numbers dude. Totally stable numbers genius.

Did you notice between the 17 second mark and the 1:16 (=17)mark that they took 17 breaths? You caught that right? It's obvious once I told you right? Now, if you take that confirmation of 17 and subtract the 5 from D5 you get 12. That its!!!! Don't you see you dumb ass. It's the 12 days of christmas and on the 12th day we are going to get thor's hammer. Obvious no? Its self evident and could not be otherwise. Brazilian coffee to you smarty pants for believing me, the number magician. That means the 20 pages of the Fisa app will be released on the 12th day of Christmas. How do I know that you ask? Because Trump went to see the tomb at Arlington that is an infinity symbol, which, if you rotate is an 8. So 12+8=20pages of Fisa for christmas

Now all you idiots who believe whatever I post without thinking for yourself are supposed to wet your pants because you are in the presence of a very stable gematria genius.

Don't worry, I'll say it for you. Amazing! Mindblowing!

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