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Martial law can be a good thing. Before I was born my old home town was placed under Martial law that lasted for a year in order to clean up and remove the crooked Democrat government that was in place. Many books have been written on the subject and the first ever clean election without voter fraud was held in 1954. When the Army National Guard rolled into Phenix City, Alabama they replaced the City and County governments along with the Police and Sheriff's Departments with Military Rule. Only the School Board and the Fire Departments were left intact. A little over 2,500 indictments were filed and some 300 persons were served and went to trial. The Army courts got a 99.9% conviction rate. There is something to be learned from history. Martial law does work.

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Can't wait for the Military to take over the gov't in lawless California.

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How will CA patriots be protected when the invasion commences? I would be very concerned if I were a patriot living in CA.

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I live in Phenix City. I wasn't alive when that happened and I am not originally from Phenix City. But, we've all heard the stories. I've never seen the movie about "Sin City." I guess I should so I can get a better idea of what happened.

Here's excerpt from a website: Phenix City had been a haven for crime almost since its incorporation in the early 19th century.

At one point, U.S. Secretary of War Henry Stimson called Phenix City “the wickedest city in America” after receiving a report about how Fort Benning soldiers had been victimized there. According to author Margaret Anne Barnes, who wrote the definitive history of Phenix City, Gen. George Patton once threatened to take his tanks from Fort Benning to “mash Phenix City flat” because of the “atrocities committed against his soldiers.”

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@ Poster - As somebody who has studied the drops... it's pretty apparent that you are either regurgitating someone else's opinion... or you really don't have any idea what you are doing. In either case... please stop. Your , whether you are aware or not, sequential non sequiturs do not match up, do not correlate, and are not helping. You are confusing, scaring, and dividing. Learn the coms and drops before you attempt to educate others.

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I found the reply regarding Phenix City, AL very enlightening. I looked it up. Worthwhile.

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We live in Sin City. Needs a Great Awakening.

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Phenix city... Is Fort Benning.

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I will gladly eat my words if come Jan 1, 2019 or soon after this is all confirmed to be true, but as with everything GodsAngell posts, I cannot take it at face value as being more than desperate fantasies. SO many dates have gone by with nothing happening when we were all promised fireworks, BOOMS and popcorn celebrations. I won't hold my breath on this one being true. It would be great but it just seems so unlikely that only one person (GodsAngell) would be privy to such happenings. We shall see I guess.

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It is ON, and its being done in a very strategic way.

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It is ON

Yes, Hallelujah!!!

But everyone should get prepared: extra cash, gas, food, water, medications, etc in case supply chain gets slowed down.

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Just when I was thinking this was further away in the future, boom I come on here and see this.

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Everyone that has been following Q has already seen all of the drops you're constantly filling up this site with. You're spreading nothing but confusion and i'm echoing the person above. Please stop.

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Very likely the supply chain will quickly grind to a halt. City-dwellers, beware.

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LOVE SB2 and his decodes. Thank you for posting.

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Highly doubt it... Why after Christmas? That is one of the busiest travel periods in the country.

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The EO and Military Tribunal changes going into effect have often been cited as indicating nothing major will occur before 1/1/19. Makes sense to me.

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