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People really are stupid when they dont even realize that you dont spend 195 million in upgrades for 8 prisoners which is what they currently have. I wonder who the public thinks is going to Gitmo with all the expansion. They really are stupid.

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All for a LARP. Yeah, right.

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This article needs to be highlighted more.

Clinton got a note.

We probably saw Jeb and Laura reacting to what they read / saw. That tells me at least, that this was indictments.

I think shit has started to go down already... It's going to get more public.

Excellent summary.

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Some anonymous person said that while these deep state bad actors were at the funeral the DOJ raided their "safe houses". What they saw when they opened the envelope was a security camera snap shot of the raid. That is what made them all go into shock. They didn't think Trump would stoop as low as them. Ha, ha! Q hinted: "moves and counter moves", and that Trump Team would get the last laugh. WINNING!

Anyway, I suspect they will think twice before arranging another state funeral to help the Clintons avoid embarrassment.

Hildabeast, George W Bush, Biden, Obummer and even Pence got envelopes at the funeral.

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I thought it was a brilliant move. take out pence too. seen some of his malefeasions. he has his own skeletons and part of the whole thing. give him a free ride and lets find someone that will take their oaths seriously to keep America and our people safe and informed

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where is the hell did you get this information?

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I am so interesting in what was in those notes & why did Mike Pence's wife get one?! Loved the way our President walked in - this would have been a great scene in the Godfather.

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No doubt Pence just handed the folder to his wife with the program info (and envelope).....same as George W Bush.

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No shit. The ALPHA DAWG captivated the audience.

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He could have been handed the program and gave it to her. In the pic, he isn't holding anything.

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I say kill all 50,000 of them and then present the evidence to the public I believe Joe lunch box will understand. I realize those aren't our values but do they deserve even a quick death? Our country was infiltrated in its inception by this cabal thousands of years old, the pace of their diabolical plan quickened at the turn of the 20th century from that point our wealth has been stolen, our liberty subverted, our young men killed for lies,our food poisoned along with our water and air, our jobs given away, our borders breeched, our religion infested with monsters, our children hunted for sport,sick gratification, and evil sacrifice. Our education systems dumbed down and teaching alternative theories from the truth, our secrets and technology given away to enemies or sold to the highest bidder, we have been exposed to engineered biological pathogens and cures to diseases with held, We have more oil than any nation in the world yet since the 70's lied to and the truth undisclosed while our wallets were pilfered and filled the pockets of middle eastern princes, we don't even know if we have any gold left in Federal depositories, our culture and traditions under constant attack, our elections stolen, leaders assassinated and attempted assassinations. An atomic device targeted for Hawaii by our own military God bless loyal members of the same military for shooting it down. For those children held in cages can we really wait one more minute for this encrypted intrigue to play out seems like that just gives our so called allies another day to stab us in the back and maybe fatally.

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Yes, we cannot take the chance that in the future some bleeding heart president decides to pardon some deep state scum and then they are back on the street up to their same old tricks. They must be executed, we have to make it clear what the punishment will be for treason or sedition, subversion in the future if anyone thinks about trying this.

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Obummer pardoned himself and all of the cabal before the transfer of power. Did you notice that recently Big Mike mentioned that " we cannot be indicted"? They know what is in store for them.

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Well summarized & I totally agree.

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Yes, and kept in a constant state of anxiety and distress so that we cannot even think a clear thought. I'm trying to envision a world without all of this and having a hard time.

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Just arrest them already 😴 goddamn exhausting. The only d5 I saw was the reaction to some notes in their programs. Just. Do. It

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For my Xmas present, I would like to see a coup de main, that is, a sudden roundup of all the top echelon DS actors (the serpent's head) with a simultaneous cutoff of the MSM (the mouthpiece of the serpent). It would create panic with only the emergency frequencies open, and then from the WH, the POTUS could tell the public of the Deep State operations starting with JFK's assassination to 9/11 culminating with the attempted rigged 2016 election by HRC and the DS. Whether by kinetic means or by non-kinetic means such as a systematically planned weakening of the U.S. by the DS — it amounts to high treason deserving of the death penalty for these bad actors. This event needs to be emblazoned on the psyche of the nation as in always beware of a shadow government run by the unelected (e.g., the Payseur family). Transparency is necessary.

P.S. Loved the OP

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POTUS could tell the public of the Deep State operations starting with JFK's assassination to 9/11 culminating with the attempted rigged 2016 election by HRC and the DS

I wouldn't be a bit surprised that Trump Team have also been working a documentary film that can be broaadcast on the air 24/7 for about a week, like the short one Trump Team did for N. Kora. Just devote one whole former news channel (like CNN) to it, because ALL of CNN is going to GITMO too. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN are all complicit in these Treasonous Enemy Combatant crimes of trying to take down a duly elected President.

I suspect this is why they keep showing kill shots of Trump. They know Jan 1, 2019 is coming for them too! Nothing can stop it.

Sent: Tue, Jun 12, 2018 4:40 pm

Two Videos Define This Moment:

The Winning Side:


And the Losing Side, knowing the game is over, and they feel the noose tightening:


Sad Ben Rhodes Remix 3 NK Summit

OOpps, I should say 3 Videos define this moment:


We are going to win so much, you will get tired of winning!

Anyone tired of Winning Yet???? (Not Me!)

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They better do something soon (declass). The democrats are screaming impeachment after the Cohen/Manafort memos today.

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They've been screaming impeachment since Nov 2016. Rest easy friend. Trump's not going anywhere.

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I’m not worried about Trump. Just the civil unrest that would happen if arrests start during impeachment. I do believe it will go down around Christmas.

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I'm kind of thinking Republicans in the House might all just vote to impeach on the first round, pass it to Senate where it will be immediately squashed. OK, next! Let them do it again if they want to. Soon will become demonstratively unproductive to even their constituents, who may start asking why nothing else is getting done.

Meanwhile, one-by-one, they start disappearing to GITMO. It'll only take a couple of those before majority no more and panic.

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That would be hilarious.

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Let them. They look more foolish by the second.

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Well done! Do you think they have proof GWB knew about 9/11 ahead of time? Also, what’s up with Pence getting envelope? Also, how have the raids not leaked out?

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how have the raids not leaked out?

Zip Locked Mouths by DOJ, and deep state bad actors certainly don't want anyone to know they are under indictments and wearing gps monitoring chips. It doesn't fit with their narrative.

Do you think they have proof GWB knew about 9/11 ahead of time?

It was a Daddy Bush PLAN from the beginning. The March 2001 Presidential Energy Commission report concluded that the U.S. needed to invade Afghanistan to secure a pipeline (and a ready source of opium for CIA funding), and Iraq, because Saddam Hussein, former CIA asset went rogue on Daddy Bush, and needed to be punished. Saddam was going off the U.S. Petro Dollar, that calls for a U.S. invasion to teach him a lesson. This Presidential Energy Commission report came out 6 months before the 911 attack. Do the math.

Did Bush W know? YES!!! Why do you think he arranged to be in Florida at an elementary school when the attacks hit. He didn't want to be in Wash D.C.!

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Fun fact is the cabal is literally paying for all the Gitmo-Upgrades, as their assets will be seized (due to EO).


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