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I hope you're not wrong. We need something to happen to these people. All I want to hear is "My fellow Americans the Storm is upon us"

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fasten your raincoats ? ☔️☔️☔️☔️

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I don't think My raincoat is big enough for this [S]torm

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fasten you guns...or umm spears, bow and arrows, sticks????

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I don't even want to have to be told. All I want to hear are gasps, crying and pants crapping.

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LOL, what is the sound of one pant crapping?

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Not just something 'discussed,' but actually 'planned.'

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You got me... I nearly said planned, but decided I had no evidence, whereas 'discussed' hit the spot..

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Sounds like Horowitz asked the others to use the cone of silence. Sorry about that chief.

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Perhaps Huber, Horowitz and Whitaker want to know why Wray authorized a search warrant operation on a DoJ whistleblower and didn't want the conversation recorded. Perhaps it's Wray sharing with Horowitz, Huber and Whitaker what was seized and discovered (if anything) during the search warrant. I think it's positive in either account. I'm not so sure about Wray.

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I take your point... Q has mentioned Wray several times.. Always the same words... (my bold)

1122 Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 10 Apr 2018 - 6:48:24 AM 979093







Isn't it funny that Q posted this 8 months ago, mentioning three of the four we now find in the centre of things..

Almost as if it's all part of the plan...

What's Kansas mean though?

edit thx @Qd4Action thx @F-430 both say Mike Pompeo

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Kansas = Pompeo

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I thought Kansas is referring to Mike Pompeo, I believe. At the time, he was running the CIA.

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There was a YT video today from War Drummer and [in the [matrixxx] that proposed the Word “TRUST” refers to how our government officials are controlled through trusts and these strings are being cut!!!

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I would think that they knew long before the warrant was written. These men are not going to spring surprises like that on each other. Q says these men are all to be trusted. They will not be undermining each other.

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We don't know if Wray was involved in the search. It might have been some lower black hats that arranged the raid.

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We still have the DHS election fraud report that drops on 12/21/18.

I'm hoping Democrats never even get to taste their "majority."

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How do we know it's dropping on the 21st?

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There was some sort of 'report within 45 days' stipulation..


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When all is said and done if Brennan is one of the ones rounded up I'll be a happy man.

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Me too!!! He just exudes evil!

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I don't think most people realize just how prepared Trump Team is.

Planned for years, Q told us.

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Probably not golf and grandchildren.... are we sure Paul Ryan wasnt there too?? WE ALL HOPE WE KNOW WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT!! WWG1WGA 🇺🇸

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That means the Deep State is blind.

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It does look that way- hope so!!

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Yep, forgot that.. good thought..

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Ryan is DS. That's why he is out now. Plus there are sources that say he's on the Jesuit payroll. But I've not seen any proof of that.

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I know - I was being sarcastic but it didnt come thru. I just said that because we just found out that Ryan was present at the tarmac with Clinton and Lynch and no one disclosed that until recently. Yes definitely deep state.

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