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Same "school" has a professor of Philosophy and Ethics that says its allright to have sex with animals and kids.

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Also the same school that Ford came from..

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wait what? source that motherfucker!

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Why not just fire such crazy people

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Because the people doing the hiring are the same. It's a Communist takeover, and look what they targeted first - schools of education. Gotta brainwash the next generation into accepting it all!

[–] con77 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

jew indoctrination centers don't fire jew indoctrinators

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No pressure. People need to mock Stanford students as dog-fuckers at their NCAA games until the school caves

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Way to go, frat!! I think we know how this would play out in the supreme court!

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With a huge lawsuit against that un-American endowment!!

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Seriously, we need a class action for disinformation against all in media and academia who have been involved in hijacking our youth and turning them into whiney entitled mentally ill monsters even their own parents can't stand.

[–] LurkMaster 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Agreed! Stanford didn't think this through....

HOAs always loose a US flag battle, how do they think they will win this one.

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They probably assume Dems will be back in power any day now.

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Serious question. How the fuck is this OK?!!

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How is it ok in America. So distressing. Parents helping with tuitions to these places need to re-evaluate what they want for their young Americans.

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The masters of the universe decided when Traitor 44 was in office.


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NellerBean - what was ths meeting? When? Can you give us more info please?

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They should get a lawyer and get this fucker fired and sue the hell out of the school!!!

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Lawyer? Happy Hanukkah!

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Because Reasons. Look who's been conspiring to end the USA:


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The bombs bursting in air

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The only thing intimidating and aggressive at Stanford University is the administrative staff. After Trump cleans the swamp in this country he needs to tackle the problem with the leftist, un-American, communistic educational system starting in pre-school through the college and Universities across the country. We need sweeping reform to remove radical left wing people who hate this country and what it stands for. They can go to North Korea, China, Venezuela or Cuba and spout their nonsense but not here. We cannot and should not provide tax dollars to any school that is not pro-American to it's core. We need to take this country back and that includes the schools, the media, the border, the institutions of government and install safeguards to protect the tax paying citizens from Communists, their allies and sympathizers. This is just as important as being protected from terrorists, radical jihadists, anarchists, or any group that wants to destroy the country we love. America...LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!

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Does this university, Happy Hanukkah, receive any money from tax paying citizens of the United States? If so, we'll need an immediate refund of all that money.

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