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Comey's subpoena is just about getting him on record before Huber tells the world what really happened.

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Im just as excited about Loretta Lynch on Dec 4th. Comey will be contradicted Im guessing

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Q already said that Lynch has been singing like a bird. So that can only mean she already has a plea deal, so she should tell the truth in this upcoming hearing. She will rat out Obummer and the Clintons of course. Remember the tar mac meeting in Phoenix AZ June 2016??

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that's the day I've been looking forward to, for this very reason

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Yeah @DavidGydeon but wasn't Huber the dude that said there was No Bias by Strzok against Candidate & now President Trump ..... , ???

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No. Huber is the one investigating the Clinton Foundation and who is testifying as to what he has found. He is also the one that has something like 300-400 prosecutors under him.

You're thinking of the Inspector General - -Horowitz. He is the one that said there was no bias.

If you dont know who Huber is, or what's going down Dec5th, you need to start reading....and get excited.

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No, that was Horowitz.

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How protected is Huber. We all know the next 5-6 days he and everyone he loves is in more danger than they ever have been or will be again. Huber is a bigger target than Trump in the coming days.

I hope he is as protected as Trump.

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It would explain that Huber woman tweeting the video of the Christmas tree ceremony. Maybe the Huber family is under extreme protection at the whitehouse or nearby

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Oh perfect the Pedos can just nuked the white house and take them both out

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Try to keep in mind that the first reports we will hear about all of these things will be nothing but a pack of deep shit msm lies, cover-up, and projecting. Don't get disheartened. The truth will come out.

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Don't get over excited about the coming week. I say this because I'm trying to contain my own excitement. This whole shit-show has been escalating exponentially over the past couple of weeks. DT's rhetoric is going harder by the day. The highly visible signs of increased DS panic can't be ignored. The Normies still asleep must be starting to scratch their heads at the elevated levels of push-rush-panicky comments from the Left's heroes. We don't know if Now is THE RIGHT TIME, but by the Grace of God it must be close.

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I have $10 that says Comey takes the 5th...knowing he will be forced to incriminate himself...but then later claiming that the GOP and Trump Justice Department are going after their political enemies in an act of treason and the military needs to stop them. Any takers?

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And I've got 10 bucks that says Hillary does the same. They'll both plead the 5th. Then comes the [Dec]las 😁

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I don't recall, I don't recall, I don't recall.

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Not buying it he will dance the I dont recall,not to my knowledge,I can not recollect that,can you be more specific? He will not take the 5th that is for criminals that wax haired kid poker,thinks he still is liked,and respected.

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Merry Christmas

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okay. dis getting gud.

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Waiting and praying that good will triumph over the evil of the cabals and the DS here in our country.

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