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Of course, manafort never met assange, Mueller just wants him to lie cause that's what that soab does whenever something damning is happening to the deepstate faggots like what's breaking with Hillary cunton. This investigation is pathetic. How come he never looks at the servers to see if the emails where hacked by the Russians.

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Because Mueller has been too busy helping Sessions and Huber locate where all the D.C. bodies have been buried. This investigation is a farce, to keep the Demoncraps hopeful and totally distracted with regard to what is really going on.

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Mueller = black hat. That is one bad dude

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There's 0 evidence of that. And Muellers not a white hat, sorry if I'm popping that bubble and using reality. If you just used simple logic that of a 10 yr old brain, why is it that every time something damning against democrats happen, Mueller always files some BS lawsuit not backed up by facts, and 0 connections to Russians or Russian collusion for that matter, which is the whole scope of the investigation. 0 evidence Muellers a white hat. Why is it that every time Trump meets Russians Mueller magically finds 12 Russians out of his ass.

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One can only hope. Have thought that may be the case, but one Q post says good, the next evil. Will have to let it play out.

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This investigation is pathetic. How come he never looks at the servers to see if the emails where hacked by the Russians.

Because you don't need to do that. They were given samples of the malware to examine

And much more importantly, his investigative capabilities go far, far beyond that. The indictment of the GRU hacking teams relies on our nation's counterintelligence capabilities. The level of detail in that indictment is stunning.

The Dutch Intelligence service tipped us off that this was happening, because they were in the GRU's systems and watching real time.

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Would samples of a malware indicate the speed with which the data left the server? What I've read demonstrates that the speed that this happened could only be from a local download: a leak, not a hack. Throw in the blatant conflicts from Crowdstrike and all of the other REAL evidence (emphasis to indicate the difference from "dossier evidence") and I'd say it is criminally irresponsible to NOT examine the server.

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I dont trust compromised wikileaks and I don't trust the jew media.

We have to be absolutely careful with this on all sides.

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I don't think they are compromised. This is an idea that came into people's heads when wikileaks said that Q can't be trusted. People decided to trust an anonymous source over wikileaks and assumed wikileaks was compromised.

Q has been promoting the same things the military industrial complex supports. I think Q was a psyop to get people to distrust wikileaks and support the military industrial complex.

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We know that's not the real assange.

Was it a pure coincidence that after D.A.K. that assanges style made him look like an "alt-right" leader?

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Ha H aha ha

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Looks like some ops are going on here https://voat.co/v/QRV/2876324

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The Guardian is a liberal rag.

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When I say “Go Guardian” I really mean “Go AWAY Guardian....

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Wikileaks has information they have not yet shared. Most of it seems to benefit the Right. There was a lot of corrupt stuff done during the 2016 election. I cannot figure out Pompeo. I keep thinking he is one of the good guys, but if he is willing to silence JA, it makes me rethink him.

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Him and Kelly are old Deep state players. Go back and look.

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Oh No! Your gonna get sued!

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