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Great points by Q. Tbh don't really know what is more advantageous, declassify before or after testimony. Force a testimony to show incongruities with past testimonies granted those testifying don't want to perjure themselves further, or show perjury after the new testimony. Both have their merits, but maybe someone who knows more about prosecution can chime in.

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I suspect this Question: Advantage pre? Advantage post? is intended to flush out the Deep State actors and incite further panic. If Comey and Lynch, etc, know that the declas could happen ANYTIME either before or after, they almost HAVE to be scared.

In other words, Q be messing with their heads, more. Strategically.

Many parties are reading Q drops......

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Advantage pre? Advantage post? is intended to flush out the Deep State actors and incite further panic

DS decided to fuck with the U.S. military or try to co-opt US soldiers in cabal bullshit. Our guys, guys like Flynn, have wargamed the shit out of all the contingencies. Team Q is like, "Yeah, pre-... post... whatever. Your ass is GITMO bound. D-5 muthafucka."

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Either way the jig would be up, but I feel like releasing prior to testimony would compel a witness to cooperate out of self-preservation and essentially spill the beans.

Releasing after the fact would just result in showing that testimony was perjured, and possibly result in throwing-out/nullifying any previous testimonies that person may have given.

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Let's be honest - Q or Trumps administration ain't never dropped anything FIRST...which is extremely frustrating for us..but highly useful to them/him. If you have ammo to use and just threatening to use it causes your enemy to go into a sporadic, insane series of actions...you basically get to milk them a few times with one bullet.

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On the other hand, both Comey and Lynch may just 'take the 5th' if they are implicated in crimes.... they know what's in there and if they know it's coming out, it doesn't matter when it comes out.

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Would just take the 5th. Might be some of that going on either way. I don't see Comey cooperating at all short of a plea deal. Lynch has likely already flipped.

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Post. It's a perjury trap. On top of it, lying about it implies guilt in the underlying crime.

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Perjury is washingtonees for 'book deal and speaking tour after minimal time served'. Comey leaked classified material and fully admitted doing it - he got his speaking tour gig working overtime.

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Traitor 44 (Obummer) created this EO!

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I wonder if obamee was lured into signing this EO by some deep planted white hats looking to the future (which has arrived). Surely if he knew that the hilldabeest may lose he would see that this EO would become his noose.

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They are using all the laws and EOs that DS set up over the past 20+ years. The Maginsky Act or however it is spelled was created by Bill Clinton that allows Russia and United States to allow investigations on each others soil. That Act was going to be used by the deep state president of Russia that Bush and Clintons were installing until Putin came along in 2000 and put a huge wrench in the gear cogs.

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I'm gonna put my money on the D class will come after their testimonies. I would think that because they would want to catch them in a lie or shall we say another lie.

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https://archive.fo/qn8fc. "The arrests cap a 15-month investigation code-named Operation Koala, which was triggered in July 2006 when Australian police discovered a video depicting a Belgian father raping his daughters, aged 9 and 11. Police from 28 countries worked on the case." ®

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It would explain Corsi's tweets, as of late.

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If DC is truly in panic over pending declassification wouldn't it make sense for all the Black Hats to simply refuse to testify? Or to try and delay until they know what's been released?

Maybe Q's question is hinting that some things will be released before testimony to instill a state of calm, and other things will be released after so as to inflect maximum damage.

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Q Drop included is actually 2177 not 2176 due to an earlier missing post around that time period. Remember, the Qmap and Qanon.pub boards are maintained by anons not Q. Q may have saved an earlier copy before the boards corrected the Q Drop sequence.


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