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Emboldened by our strong POTUS, leaders of Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Czeck Republic and now Slovakia are finding their backbones, rejecting globalism and embracing nationalism. Another win for PDT.

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Yep - and we can see "fronts" moving more and more to the heart of the EU . People of France are pissed off ... and UK is on step out . EU's days are numbered , and with them , globalist wet dreams about one Europistan .

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The Cabal plan toke years to prepare and we see them losing grown at godspeed.

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Is this complete? Germany? Sweden? Norway? Where are we at currently, not having any luck finding info. This is great news, the spirit is rising! Godspeed

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Germany, Sweden and Norway are not part of this group yet, hopefully they’ll join soon. England and France too.

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Seems like maybe a good time to pull the plug on the UN for good.

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great news indeed. Down with the Cabal!

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God Bless the people of Slovakia for desiring to preserve the rule of law and their cultural identity and heritage. Thank you PM Pelligrini for acting responsibly for your nation and standing against the satanic UN.

ThanQ Patriot for sharing good news on a sunny day.

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The world is finally starting to wake up and recognize evil!

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Australia and Israel aren't going for it either.

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Australia is a win, but when has Israel ever supported migration of non-Jews into Israel?

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Never, but it doesn't hurt at all.

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Thank God for President Trump, the man who had the courage to stand up to the globalist to make way for others!

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I'm not very informed about Slovakia, but when I see migrants being refused and people not playing ball with the EU, I immediately like them, funny.......LOL