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Hello Fellow Patriots,

Thanks for this forum! I just wanted to add whatever you believe about Q (I believe he/they is an insider), the material point is 'we' (the people) are here talking about OUR COUNTRY. We're Awake, paying attention and aware.

This 'Q' portion of our population is mobilizing. We're remembering the roots of Honor and Bravery from which we descend and how vital it is WE maintain and protect it for ourselves and our posterity.

They should be ashamed, those who turn away from an opportunity-in any form-to guard and protect our nation. We do this not only for our nation but the planet.

America is a beacon and we are the lantern carriers. WWG1WGA - God Bless!


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Thanks for your input! God Bless!


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Thank you Patriots, white hats, whistle blowers, active duty, veterans and those that are just Qurious about the truth. Once you know this info you are obligated you speak the truth and prepare your friends and loved ones to the storm... it's your duty! Hooooah


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Where do I put the link when posting an article to this board please?


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I’m not actually “new” I’ve been here since we were redirected from Reddit around 4 months ago. Unfortunately, I get to start all over! Grrrrr. Newbie suggestions, stay aware and open minded. Don’t get easily offended. Look to senior anons for guidance. Cross check your sources and provide links, proof, “sauce” with posts.


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Q is like Asange and Snowden, elite puppets CIA.Chemtrails keep everyday.Sad


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Good Day Fellow Q boppers

I Have a theory,

A theory about how Q is using us as Q believers as a machine a Legion if you will,

Because if you are anything like me, Completely and utterly convinced that Q is real and, The world is about to be let on a huge freaking secret, This will be earth shattering to the Normies! Fables of this event will be told to our descendants ten generations from now.

This means you would probably do what I do, personally want to make it very clear to I each and every normie I can get my hands on knows all the details of hitlary, the FED, and of course Q!

I plaster it everywhere Zuckerbook, Twitter and youtube of course:) even if its the worlds worst youtube Q youtube video:)...

when the news hits! , this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv3jzzU_Zgw ... my friends will be golden:) #myfriendsarenormies #YOUHAVEACHIEVED_Prophet mode! a good souvenir for what is the most influential world event since Christ!

Well back to how is using as connections to the Matrix.

cogs in a machine,

You ever wonder why Q keeps letting us think the Moab is going to drop?

Because I was really hyped about that mothertrucking Moab!

Twice now?

You see?

every time we are convinced the world is changing on FRIDAY that nothing will ever be the same,

We go nuts! Hyper and ready to talk!

Too everyone! Everyone must know we know! can't miss that train:)

And you telling people means those people remember your crazy rambling about Q, and getting angry at you for acting crazy and trying to "scare them"?

Every time we have had one of those "it's happening now" attacks we have been having:)

We tell even more people! intensifying our impact.

Once the first real big arrests drop every normie who has ever met your charming ass will Know exactly where to start looking for some answers.

The "let downs" he has been forcing on us, has been used as a mechanism to Jump start the heartbeat of the Dragon of awakening.

Also We need strength in numbers, you really need people to know it's not okay, to start eating each other now. Very important!,

We are just waiting for this test tube baby Q created to come alive and spawn!

We are Not A Moose: We have but one goal and that is to spread the truth on our never ending mission for world Liberty, cocaine and strippers. We are one,

We do forget

and we will forgive,

for we are not a moose!

Also the Q attacks from the media.


Forces them to write the stories! because of-course everyone who saw the Q attack story's probably also knows either someone who knows you or he has been upset by your crazy talk already already:)

They would not give someone this much attention they are trying to desperately keep a damned secret, Remember even bad publicity is good publicity.

why not on CNN then? if Q was a LARP it would be a huge hit to Trump! Huge!!!

Anyhoo, Good day!


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Q is a Star Trek character. You guys are retards.


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You watch Star Trek, and call us retards?

Of course I have been known to “boldly go where no man has been before” but I know it’s fiction because it says so in the credits....


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Warning: BOT or Soros Shill Detected. Every post he/she/it creates earns 50-cents. Starve the Soros Troll/BOT®


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Grow up, read the proofs.Theres hundreds.Qproofs.com

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