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Yup, Most likely proudly paid for by Obama and our Demon-rats!

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Don't forget Soros and his menagerie.

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Let the million Patriots with guns meet them on the border WWG1WGA

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I hope it's worth it because POTUS told them if you don't stop the Convoy then we will be stopping every dime we send to you. I believe the message was received

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Should still stop the payments anyway. We need to stop paying money to all these damn countries starting with the ones who don't gwt a fuck about us in the slightest.

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Wouldn't that be something! trump cuts their aide, So Honduras stops all of the Migrants and then the Dems paid them to migrate for nothing. Hell.. These people should have just taken the money and then just go home. I wonder if they got paid extra for having kids with them?! Or if they got paid well enough to pay for their kids hospital stays

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Yea. Then Soros would have to pay antifa to go harrass the people he paid to harrass us...because they didn't do their job. Haha

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The fact that a United States congressman acknowledges George Soros, or anyone for that matter, funding/organizing and interfering in an election- is an incredible step in the right direction. This was completely unheard of 15 years ago.

I've been a part of internet conspiracy boards for that long. We've been waiting for this awakening forever. It's happening.

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You are brave. I just got awakened in early 2017. It has been exhilarating to witness patriots' progress. I cannot imagine, though, how frustrating it would have been to be awake before Trump. Half of my family wishes I never awoke, though. Haha. I'm like a disturbing alarm clock, and they want to sleep longer.

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Check out Q posts for 4/21/18. It coincides with 10/20/18 on the Q clock (for those who follow that). Generally, it is about disclosure about Haiti in connection with midterms. Once it’s exposed what happened in Haiti- the Democrats will lose the black vote.

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I read somewhere that ole Georgey Soros is promising bundles of cash to whole families that cross the border...... And has had already spent a great deal spreading the message & paying runners to bribe families.....

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lock up the criminal behind it and no more problem. Hope those people get to keep the Soras money.

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