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I would like to point out some other details...

  • Top FBI brass have all been fired/resigned/replaced
  • Top DOJ brass have all been fired/resigned/replaced, some multiple times
  • Head of NSA and CIA replaced
  • 35 Senate seats and all 435 House seats are up for election this November
  • 5150 high profile resignations (coincidence?)
  • Wolfe arrested along with 4 reporters, an unsealed indictment

And the kicker?

  • 2 conservative SCJ added, 74 federal judges, and 172 executive branch hires

I'm not sure what to think about the sealed indictments. I don't think a majority of them will see the light of day as long as the people they are tied to work in favor of the powers who be. From reading different reports, it seems that Obama gave pardons to everyone during his last 2 months as president so all investigations had to be conducted on actions after pardoned dates, which I'm sure they have plenty on sense they had complete access to all of their supposed "secure" communications.

  • missile fired over Hawaii thwarted
  • missile fired from WA brought down (assassination attempt)
  • photos from Singapore hitman posted online
  • 2 attempts on presidents life thwarted during conventions (penn, fl).
  • attempt on presidents life thwarted by secret service in Scotland.
  • $33 billion in funding for defense from the UN
  • Russia/ German had pipeline exposed
  • Syria/ Israel gas chamber discovered
  • nuclear bomb infrastructure taken out in Syria
  • NK disarms
  • Iran deal falls apart
  • Iran revolution starts boiling
  • replacement parts given remote control access to planes reversed (see jetblue hijacking)
  • hardware found giving remote accessto servers found

Are we even done with the first movie yet? I feel like it's close, but we're not quite there at the end.

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Don't forget the assassination attempt on republican senators at the baseball game, and the train full of them that derailed.

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id add in the new mexico child jihadi training camp crime scene being bulldozed

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1 derailment or 2? I believe one in Washington occurred too.

Paul Ryan has had 2 attempts on his life. Wife announces sleeping with loaded guns.

Lindsey Graham has a plane crash in his state, and another recent warning.

Mass school shootings perpetrated by individuals taking or withdrawing from psychoactive drugs.

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Obama pardons won't matter because he will eventually be deemed an illegitimate President.

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Yep. The kenyan needs to be shown what he is & was as WH occupier. Every last molecule needs to be erased/destroyed....his tranny “wife” as well.

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Yep and if O pardoned them it was only for federal crimes, that doesn't include state crimes.

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Can’t count on eventually when you can try them for more recent crimes against humanity. Eventually means you have to wait for him to be tried and convicted before you can go after the others.

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wait, isnt POTUS using one of zero's EOs?

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Amazing accomplishments in under 2 years. What photos from Singapore?

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Found it! Post 1441. Images overlooking the meeting point with a suggested spot.

Zoom in on the last image and you will notice there is no glass and the wording “do not lean on the glass”.

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Post 1335, which I could easily find, hints that all photos are originals and to think what that means?

There were 1 or 2 posts of photos showing shooting and escape routes of the Singapore meeting place. Thoughts were that the photos, and the assassin, were intercepted by Q team. I’m sure the assassins were shitting bricks when they saw those images posted.

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Well put. I hope this helps. Alot of ppl are so trigger happy they call everyone a shill for any reason. Ppl need to relax. There are shills shilling but there's ALOT of Anons who don't understand the comms. Or don't realize that POTUS is operating under the rule of law and not as a shoot um up dictator. It's the Constitution that's at stake here. It's the Constitution and the rule of law that's being restored in America. Its about returning to the Republic that our country was founded on. There's a process. There's a plan. It's in motion but not led by Emotion. PATRIOTS ARE IN CONTROL! MAGA! WWG1 WGA!

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Well done. This was the shot in the arm that many needed. A reminder. Perspective. Encouragement.

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The biggest disadvantage the white hats have is they have to do everything by the "Book" to make sure these evil fucks can't escape using legal technicalities because they are still entitled to due process even though they don't give a fuck about due process when they're torturing some poor little kid...

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Inadvisable. That’s how you become them. At first you’d use your powers for good...then it corrupts you. That’s why the law is in place. Founding fathers were wise.

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IF they have it all...they it shouldn't be that difficult.

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It's like when Dirty Harry has the evil dude shot in the leg on the football field under the lights but he arrests him instead of blowing him away then and there. And then evil dude claims price brutality and Harry is seen as the bad guy. We don't want that.

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My own cynicism came from Q making big promises.

I'm stepping back. Q has flat out said that he will misinform us deliberately in order to throw off the cabal. I understand that and agree it's necessary, but it also means I can't engage fully with his information. In truth we have no idea what's really going on. We have a vague impression, and the rest is all stabbing in the dark. That's fine.

Q fatigue is becoming a real thing, though. When/if it all kicks off the enthusiasm will return, but this feels like a low point - not ideal heading into the mid terms.

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I feel the same. I have been gorilla glued to the Q posts since late November and printed every post for safe keeping. Like yourself, I know something is happening and positive progress is being made but now I just read it casually, still interested but not dwelling on Q Anon all the time. I looked through some of the sealed/unsealed indictment list that was posted a few months ago, many of those are bankruptcy cases, no idea if they are linked to corruption issues but that was a big let down for me. I am ready for some booms to happen and some visible pain to happen. MAGA

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As for me? I ABSOLUTELY trust The Plan! And I am HONORED to be witnessing this miracle in the making!!

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yes and i dont want it to be over yet! as time goes by we are seeing evil show itself more and more, and then its stomped out.this story is not over, there is more work to be done.im patient with Q because i cannot think in tenD and im constantly being amazed.im drinking coffee, not eating popcorn but still happy each day i wake up because i get to see this!

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What a LOVELY and heartfelt post!! I am checking Qanon.pub freqeuently - just in case if/when something new is to be found there. But I will tell you that my heart is so very relieved that I am not hearing ANY weak-willed lemmings following ANY pied pipers as we immediately heard before when Q-post activity slowed for a time. And...honestly? I would not be surprised if Q & the Q Team on the whole decided to remain silent for a bit to see whether the character of the people had improved at all in this regard. I am THRILLED that it obviously has. And what I mean by this is simply that our individual resolve, and our collective resolve, is not easily shaken any longer by ill-intended opportunistic saboteurs who LIVE to keep us divided! It ain't workin' too good for them anymore - to the extent that they have not even BOTHERED TRYING for this round of Q momentary silence. :)

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What a whimsical, genuine & WONDERFUL post!

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The censorship is only part of the problem with getting our messages out. We have thousands of followers who just click to 'like' everything you tweet but they don't retweet. They obsess over starting and/or being on Trump trains to get lots of followers, constantly ask for follow-backs, post about how many followers they have and ask help to get more, but they don't use them to spread information. That pisses me off more than the censorship does. WTF do people want followers for, or follow others for if they don't want to help with our job to spread the red pills?

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We are seeing the systemic dismantling of our communications structure. Notice how Silicon Valley is no longer held in the same esteem they once were? Once Twatter, Fakebook and Gaggle are dismantled, the true voice of the people would emerge.

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I asked praying medic to retweet to his followers that NeonRevolt is a controlled opposition. He said that “wasnt in his best interest to do.”

why should he buy into this in-fighting? there is only hints, no evidence, that NR is controlled opposition. he doesnt promote NR, isnt that enough?

time to flex our discernment muscels... not everybody who doesnt follow our opinions on everything is a shill or a PAYtriot.

if you have no heart to perceive that prayingmedic has a pure heart, you have no ability to discern truth from lie. the mind cant do that, it can only evaluate facts but knows no truth when it doesnt have evidence.

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The attacks have increased. Many people don't realize how powerful the media is. Deep state has done nothing but use it as a blitzkrieg on POTUS and his family. Q has said attacks will increase as we get closer to the truth. I believe the plan is on target. The enemy is slowly imploding from their own ignorance. We need patience, as each day more people are getting red-pilled. Movie two may start at the midterms. Trust the plan.

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