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Solid find, especially if it somehow ties into these Chinese chips.

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oh yes the Chinese chips, looks like Feinstein might be connect to that too. so much evil it is hard to keep up

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Solid find indeed. I sensed something completely off.

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I caught that too but didn’t say anything yet. The company makes semi conductors. Wasn’t there a bunch of people on that plane that disappeared involved in the same thing? I remember reading about the Rothschild family taking ownership of the patent worth billions/trillions when it vanished.


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Weren't they Chinese, about 5 or 7 of them?

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I just threw in an edit with the article. It was 4 of them.

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According to Google, Global Foundries is owned by Mubadala Investment Co.
Then I found this article linking Mubadala to Rothschild & Co. It doesn't seem to involve semiconductors, so how it all connects, or if it even does, I don't know. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-09/mubadala-is-said-to-near-hiring-rothschild-for-cepsa-stake-deal

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Is that the same freakin company???

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GF is owned by Emirate of Abu Dhabi...will be interesting to see "cause of death"...Sasha Faal might have sprinkled a bit of truth..."all dead in gas attack before crash"

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Saudi link? We're getting warmer.

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Sasha Faal reported it was a chlorine bomb that killed them, not impact.... realize this source is not always reliable... but the chlorine bomb makes sense?

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I know the impact story doesn't make sense. For all Faal's misdirection/ fabrication, there is more often than not bits of truth. CHL isn't such a reach when taking other known circumstance into consideration...owners, passengers...does look like a possible hit.

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When the story first aired I knew it was a hit job right away. Too many people to die that fast. Planes have crashed with less carnage.

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My gut didn't buy it... think it was a hit too

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We need autopsies

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Exactly right

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That Saudi journalist that went missing is some how tied to this he's gotta be. And this will probably connect to something else. Like Mandalay Bay and Four Seasons.

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Something is fishy. When I heard that all twenty passengers had perished. I assumed the limo had crashed and burned. But the limo looked in suprisingly good shape, And where was the second vehicle. All fatal injuries?. Convenient to, that the vehicle was unroadworthy.

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Agreed but if it was a chlorine bomb, first responders would habe noticed the odor... so why wad that reported by state police in their news update

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no second vehicle...driver was dead/overcome prior to crash...chlorine gas...

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Same. One of the family members interviewed said her sister texted her about how nasty the limo was and how the engine sounded wierd.

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Things that make you go hmmm?

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I have read about the connection with the "chlorine bomb" theory, which would in effect kill all on board in minutes, then the Limo carries straight on at the junction into the ditch. It really really didn't seem damaged enough to kill every soul on board! Even the windows were in tact. I believe the wide dirt/mud/scrape was the Limo getting dragged out, it sure would be interesting to see if a crash report is ever written? All of them onboard dead, not buying it...............mmmmmmmmmmm Thanks for the info.

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I hope they do autopsies!

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That is exactly what I thought. Not one survivor with critical injuries? The limo looked like it just came to rest after slowing down from the muddy grass.

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