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Hey, thanks for linking. appreciate it.

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We Are Q! POTUS knew exactly what he was doing tweeting that pic :D

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There are no coincidences.

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I'm really struck by how many are just watching and listening. I believe if this was the democrats you would only see phones up in front of their faces readying another social media virtue post. Then again could dems even have enough for a rally photo like that?

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I wonder when that other Qshirt guy will get his picture with POTUS in the mail....

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Get out.

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Why does everyone look so... drained in that pictured?

What was he talking about at the moment the picture was snapped?

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I know people who have went to some of these recent rally's and they have to get there 6 hours before and wait in long, long lines, in the heat for 4 hours just to go through security screening, etc....but they do it. Every time there are almost as many people stuck outside as those inside. Amazing to have a President draw those types of crowds even in a off/mid-term election cycle.

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People stood in line overnight for this one...

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I see smiles and interest.

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he says the same shit every time and its getting boring listen to some fat guy bragging instead of doing something about the Jews