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Revoke this authority immediately Mr. President. We the people ask this of you. This is not American and the nail in the coffin for Hussein. Blatant, outright, in your face proof of his misdeeds. He needs to go to jail and all presidential authority, protection, payments and indications removed. This is treasonous to us Americans. Treason, he is a traitor. God wills it to be revoked or we would never have known.

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Jail? Go get some rope.


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It was a first step toward a New World Order, with one governing body for the whole world, and turning the world into a Police State. If you want Global Communism, you need Global Police. That's interpol.

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Obama. ..always such a weasel!

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I thought I couldn't believe it before, but now again even more, I can't believe the bullet we dodged when that Hag lost. Great work thank you!

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Exactly! I thought I understood what’s been going on in our Country but it was a drop in the bucket compared to what I’ve learned in this past year! It can give you shivers to realize what horrible fate our Country has averted with Trump, Greatest President ever.

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I hear that, I've been trying to figure out the wheels within wheels since the 80s. On Q since early this year, what a rush.

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POTUS needs to craft a new Executive Order that reverses the authority given Interpol in the US and its territories and that prohibits the destruction or removal of any records compiled and maintained on US citizens or others on matters occurring in the US and its territories and requires copies of all notes, records, reports and intelligence to be provided to DOJ. Then begin charging Interpol rent at the DOJ building. This is nothing short of surrendering our country to an international organization that can bring criminal charges. Ridiculous and treasonous act on Hussein's part - but that's being redundant.

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It's just another obvious ploy by a controlling agent of the UN to lead people into one word government!

They are Very Transparent with their goals, while doing all they can to hide their dirty deeds.

Wicked people!

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I'm sure POTUS is already on this.......10 steps ahead!!!

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Charge Interpol rent? Whoa..........they should be removed immediately! Hanged!

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Wow, just WOW

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What a great post. Thank you. The Communist infiltration of our Country has been going on for decades but it sure made a deeper impact under the Hussein Administration.

Thank God for Donald J. Trump!!

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Very interesting! Great read and sources. Thank you for sharing!

Yet another one of the globalists ploys to insert themselves and exert their rule of the last nation they need to fall and heel.

Ridiculous. Of course Comey would want access to store, hide, conceal information and stolen assets.

Why wouldn't he and Obama jump on board with comrades willing to keep their activities (crimes) from being transparent and Bonus. . .access to more info on children. These people are sick!

There will be a day. . .

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Fah-Q, Interpol.

I'm still waiting on someone to say "90% of Interpol are good people", or "we're not talking about the line officers".

They all take the salary, they all reap the benefits.

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Brilliant find! Yes, my ears pricked up as soon as I heard Interpol's President is from China.

Interestingly, this article says he's resigned as President today, replaced by SOUTH KOREAN Kim Jong Yang. Granted, South Korea is a democracy, but I was surprised at the prevalence of Asians at the highest levels of a global organisation based in Lyon, France.


Speculation: Is it possible Interpol President Meng Hongwei was complicit in the treasonous actions of Obama, Clintons, CIA, FBI & DOJ? So, Chinese President Xi, to demonstrate cooperation with his friend President Trump, detained Meng for "legal violations" at Trump's request?

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I was thinking about the Clintons in Germany and INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock. According to Reuters, Hongwei's position as President in "largely ceremonial," with most of the agency's operations being directed by secretary general Juergen Stock of Germany. ??? Something to ponder. BTW, I hope your theory is right, interesting that N.Korea (China influenced) is suddenly agreeing to inspections. Lots of behind the scenes chess playing going on.

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Interesting comment, thank you!

As for North Korea, it appears Kim Jong Un was trapped in a guilded cage, a prisoner, controlled by China, his own Generals and/or the CIA.

President Trump has cut the strings and freed him, which is why NK is now complying. I expect NK to become a strong US ally over the next decade. I suspect Kim actually wants to improve life for his people, and POTUS is giving him an opportunity to do so.

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