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The best thing about this entire movement is there is genuine hope for the future. There has been a sense of mourning for what I now believe was a past that was something of a sham. I worried for a time that learning that so much of what I had been taught as a kid and thereafter was a big fat lie would taint happy memories of everything from days past. But I'm starting to realize that a few bad guys in high places doesn't change the fact, for example, that we've all known real heros, even if they were misled about what they were fighting for. I'm tired and not articulating this as well as I'd like, but what I'm trying to say is that while the truth tarnishes the past a little, it makes the future so much brighter.


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it's a good point made here. I tend toward being nostalgic about periods of my past - in contrast to the insanity that has come about in recent years prior to Trump administration. But I now know that even in those days we were living in delusion as the enemy was going about laying the ground work for destroying our society. So on the one hand am tempted to dismally regard us in those times as fools. Yet there were people with good hearts trying to to do the best they could as imperfect human beings.

Now our eyes have been opened - and am sure there is going to be much more red-pilling to come.

But can the foolish be redeemed by being woken up from delusions? Somewhere there was enough kernel of something in our people to get us to where we are now - with a real chance. I will just be thankful for that and try to move forward and do better. Maybe I'll not wring my hands about a past that nothing can be done about to change. The enemy fooled us for a good long run and got an upper hand, but things are turning around.


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There are a lot of people who have suffered terribly because of past leaders shortcomings. Don't get too happy. Don't get complacent. I'm glad you have hope.


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I just feel sad that as whites become more and more a minority in every country, that more regressive policies and leaders will be elected, and that it will be a downward spiral from then on out.