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I follow him on Gab and discord and donate to him monthly.

Step 1: Don't give shekels to paytriots.

Step 2: Repeat step 1

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A donation to someone who spends all their time working to educate us is not a "paytriot". A worker is worth their wages. If you feel someone has done a good job, it is appropriate and good to pay them what you feel their service was worth. You don't have to donate---the difference Q was referencing was those that set up paywalls.

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Plz send @YolkesandAway 3 sheckels.

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You have to admit, @srayzie he does have a point...

People are rather predictable. Most don't know how to handle sudden attention or power of authority/influence very well without previous exposure or experience. Now amplify that attention and/or power, and, like they say, power corrupts. People in general have a tendency to get drunk on attention and power if they aren't used to it.

In my personal opinion, I think Neon Revolts influence and attention has got to his head. I don't think he's being malicious, just selfish, even if he doesn't realize it.

However this movement is bigger than any one of us. Now is not the time to worry about the "I" or "Me" but the "Us" and "We." I said this before in your first, and I'll say it again. I'll keep saying it until the perp walks start: If you get caught up in yourself and make things about you, your feelings, or your ego, you are part of the problem and should be ashamed of yourself. Because this isn't about us.

This movement is about the clueless sheep out there that piss us off to no end because of how asleep their dumbasses are. Because as much as they frustrate us, we love them. Because they are our friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. Those of us who are awake have a responsibility, because lets face it. If Q, Trump, and the rest of the gang didn't think they needed us, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. Many of us would left to be woken up right along side the rest of the sheep.

We are the "modified-release" red pill and the damage control safety net when shit either goes down or hits the fan and people need some direction and explanation about wtf just happened. Because they are going to have a very hard time trusting the government at all for a while after this all goes down. They do, however, trust us. Friends, family, coworks. Familiar faces. If need be, we will also Direct them to Q if the situation gets bad enough as well. (Let's hope it doesn't come to that. We all know what that would mean if it did.)

So we all need to get over ourselves. Because as Q has told is 24 fuckin times now, "THIS IS NOT A GAME!"

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I’m not making it about me. That’s what I’ve said thus whole time. I’m trying to get thru people’s heads that the deep state is winning partly because of the division that NR and mods started. Everything has been shady since day 1. Instead of just saying sorry and all moving on, he caused more division.

If that isn’t brought to Q’s attention, then what if this turns into a Jerome Corsi moment? Big names have a lot of influence. Notice he took a leadership type role. Was it always the plan? I don’t know. But how can so many people forget such important things as soon as it gets rough? It makes me wonder how many are going to fall when all hell breaks loose and arrests start happening. What if there is martial law.

The attacks will only get worse. We should be united now more than ever and not let the deep state win. I really can’t grasp how many have seemed to already forget.

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That right there is some quality shit posting.

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You're still getting shit over that cunt, huh? Chin up @srayzie you're doing good.

@neonrevolt why don't you step in here for a moment and speak your piece you useless sack of shit?

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Seriously. @srayzie , pay no mind to detractors of any kind from here on out. You guys are doing great.

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The problem is, that’s going to allow division and if that’s what these people stand for, Q needs to know because this is exactly what they don’t want.

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Keep doing what you are doing Sprayzie. You are doing a great job IMHO, and thank you again for accepting those of us who came here from that other place. WWG1WGA

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Q has warned quite a few times to beware of people using the movement as a money grab.

I've checked NeonRevolt serveral times each day for a couple of months, and recommended his site to some friends.

I am shocked at how he's treated you in this, and it gives me cause to wonder how many other mistakes he may have made. It's significantly underminded his credibility at this point.

Full disclosure: I am not quite a Q believer, but I enjoy the community this movement has created. For me, it's like Mormonism - the people and values are great, even if I don't believe the religion

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@srazie - You know I have your 6. This was my interaction with @NeonRevolt earlier today. I expected a reaction but received none. Everyone who is O/GA knows I am solid. @NeonRevolt has some explaining to do.


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I have been calling that faggot out for a couple of days now. I even offered him a platform to address the Voat community in v/protectvoat.

@neonrevolt evidently has an elevated opinion of himself and does not believe that he needs to answer people's questions.

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When you're @neonrevolt I guess you don't have time for questions of such nature. Especially when he's got flat brim bro hats to sell.

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I realize the implications of suggesting it, but the cunt can be dragged out of his safe zone. As far as Voat goes at least.

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Possibly. I still am withholding judgment. The dude could be changing diapers right now for all we know. Let's see how it plays out. It's his challenge to respond. @neonrevolt

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Every new thing I read from @neonrevolt is dripping in douchebaggery. Thanks for posting this exchange!

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There are more examples buried in this thread. It also explains the initial Drogeanon drama.

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I really hope it hasn't come to this. Please give it time and let @neonrevolt compose a reasonable response. I am sure he will.

I said a long time ago, "thou shalt not follow false prophets." I think me and @srayzie even had a tiff about this subject a ways back ; )

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Whoa, I see right there what's going on Blacksmith, lol he told you to piss off with that disinfo lol.

[–] Blacksmith21 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Yeah man. You know me. I'm a straight shooter. I'm the fucking sheepdog. @NeonRevolt - I suggest you step in personally, not an alt as you like to call out alts as spies, and sort this shit out.

@srayzie @shizy @molochhunter @sospricyhotdog @matheasysolutions (cool if you don't get mixed up, love the math)

I'm sorry to pull this shit on a Sunday night, but it needs to be addressed stat. #WWG1WGA

1740 ET @ 16 Sep 2018

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What happened?

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Link doesn’t work

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Works for me. Even inside of a VPN.

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Look I tried but they either didn't understand or they don't care and just called me a shill.

After posting about it on voat and reading everyone's opinions I think we just have to take the high road on this and just do our own thing and work to make this a positive, vibrant community. I know it's not fair, but life isn't fair, so let's not get bitter, let's get better. We don't have to define ourselves by what others say about us, lets define our own destiny.

Or you know we could spam them with dick memes, I'm open either way.

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The chans are a separate organism, no need to let this drama spill over there imo. I agree we should just get back to effortposting and make the quality of this board outshine all these shitty bandwagon famefags.

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Agreed, we'll leave them out of it, they have bigger fish to fry, shouldn't attribute to malice what can be attributed to ignorance.

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I wouldn't be so sure, if you read all the comments that your post generated on Chan, it appears that at the end you have some anons commenting that the only schills are the reddit refugees.

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move on...reddit imploded and neon is left holding a can...full stop...bad luck....moderators...big deal.

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@srayzie Not everybody is fooled. We all know v/GreatAwakening was the original Voat board and neither you or your mod team provoked NeonRevolt's attack. They just see you as in the way of their ultimate goal; staying in control and censoring people who disagree with them. They know they don't have much influence outside of Reddit so they're attacking v/GA and migrating to their own personal 8ch board so they can control the narrative.

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good post. Full disclosure I'm on the side of Neon but neonRevolt is wrong here. v/TheAwakening is subversive. All refugees should immigrate to v/GreatAwakening. This petty b******* is exactly that bulshit. There was an existing board that had no problems, we should not create a duplicate especially one that sets its own stricter than regulation rules. I firmly believe that this is not black hat but ego. Mods that want to keep on modding f****** get over yourself. We all need to move to Great Awakening on Voat. Srayzie is legit, I'll say that openly. Let move forward. WWG1WGA should NOT depend on mods ego. I found true Patriots in Great Awakening and that's where I live now, if neon revolts wants to push the Divide he's the one that gets left behind

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they are guests here, as i am...who are these people?moderators are best not seen or heard....especially when this boat picked them out of the water and they jump on and start saying they should captain the rescue boat....clowns.

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