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Good analogy. But the phone co didn't used to datamine my life in lieu of payment.

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Naw, with the phone company, it's NSA doing the data mining;) Oops they do that on your twatter too.

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NSA = Israel

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They data-mine too. Do a little research into the alphabet gangs domestic spying, allot of stuff on that.

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They datamine, but you also have to pay.

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They datamine as well; they track who we call, who calls us, how long calls are, etc.

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Why the fuck are you using these (((services)))?

Seriously, why?

Buncha narcissistic faggots.

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How would I get through the day without old high school classmates validating my life with magic internet points?

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I'll just have random internet strangers do that instead.

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They are embedded in so much shit nowadays, that you don't necessarily have a choice.

Google is even worse.

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You don’t have to. They’re going after everyone’s data as recent news reports have shown. These power mad assholes need to be put down. They’re only human. They bleed as easily as anyone.

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Easier. They're a bunch of soft skinned bureaucrats and faggots.

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Why are you using electricity? Exactly the same data mining going on. https://youtu.be/gRR_u3oooHw

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That is a truly stupid statement. Also only faggots post jewtube links.

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You can't even delete the Facebook app from your phone anymore without rooting.

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What? I don't have Facebook so I can't confirm but this seems a bit far fetched. Source it.

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He probably has one of the phones that comes preloaded with it. I can confirm: wife bought low-end HTC phone, to replace her broken one. Came preloaded with facebook, as a system app. Impossible to remove without root and Lucky Patcher.

I was in disbelief that they'd be so brazenly invasive, the whole time I was removing it. Pure evil

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I deleted the app and it dropped off the screen but it didn't go away. It still kept me logged in with messages several times a day. Had to re-install the app to turn off notifications. Other problems - no way I could find to really delete it.

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It depends on your phone.

Some manufacturers enter into paid agreements with Facebook to be reclassified as a "system" app.

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You do not need to root; plug into computer and delete it via file explorer.

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Better would be the US Postal Service not delivering your mail because of your subscriptions.

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Sums it up nicely, except users pay the phone company.

I'd like to see a public utility version of each.

The post office could be tasked with providing such services, but what kind of legal clusterfuck would that cause.

Maybe something for the internet bill of rights?

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And another thing, aren't these fuckers going down anyway? They may become public assets soon. I wonder if the Q team already knows of a go-forward plan.

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Fuck reddit and it's conde nast jews.

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The difference is FB, Twatter, and Reddit are free. It sucks but it's kinda hard to argue with the actions of a private company offering a free service. They can basically do what they want with that service. A paid service is something different. You pay for a service and, if they do not deliver that paid for service, then you have a legitimate beef with that company. The company offering the free service can run into trouble if they monopolize the competition.

The users have all the power in both cases. In a free service, the company will suffer from a large loss of users. In a paid service they can be sued and also suffer from loss of business. Getting all of the users of a service on the same sheet of music is the monumental task.

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This thinking is not only fundamentally flawed, but the Supreme Court disagrees. A private internet company may censor posts/messages/ads/etc, but once it does it becomes responsible for all of its content. So, the CP and ISIS shit on Twatter and Cuckbook now becomes their responsibility. Whereas if they branded it as a free speech platform and let it roll on its own, there would be no issue. I believe that Twitter is being sued about this right now.

Additionally, the SC has ruled that a private company that allows public access gives up a portion of its control and as its market share increases, the amount of control it has decreases. Since Twatter, Cuckbook, and Poo-gle are all damn near monopolies, which, without question, allow public access, their right to limit speech on their platform is limited. The SC involved a Jehovah's Witness trying to proselytize in a mining town, where the mining company owned the literal streets/sidewalks. Since they owned the only method by which a person could express their 1st amendment rights, despite being privately owned, they were required to allow the JW to use their platform.

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That's where the monopoly part comes in. I agree with what you've said but, being a free service, there's a lot less justification for complaining and bellyaching than if it were a paid service. I do believe the big boys on the internet block are headed for a breakup.

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They are everywhere as a means of disseminating important government and emergency information. They get scads of money from the Feds. They have a higher standard than, "If it's free they can do what they like."

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They can set the terms of service to whatever the hell they want. Do you remember when stormfront was driven from all commercial hosting services into the onion? How about when azure threatened to ban gab over two posts by a user? It doesn't matter if it's a paid or free service. Unless the agreement specifically has provisions for no cancellation except non-payment or illegal activity, you're fucked.

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Twitter now blocking replies to Trump tweets that include QANON screenshots..

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