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NEON is shady and isn't very smart. In fact, studying his writing, I bet my life he's probably around 12-15 years old "It's like playing fortnite, but waiiiiiiiit, meow meow meow". Remember when EyeTheSpy got caught as a teen living in mommy's basement while managing 3 other accounts? So many people were looking up to him too. This shows how many adults have brains of children. He fooled a lot of people. Not me though. These people are stupid.

And another thing, shouldn't NEON be banned from VOAT since he literally broke the rules by instigating an upvoat farm on his blog? Shady. He just wants traffic to his site. This is why he's trying to control his audience and lock them in to his matrix. I can point out a bunch of articles with tons of wrong facts concerning Q subjects. But why waste my time? I got a job. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.


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Fuck up ...U catty bitch blouse..why yall so fucked ..NR is ok..Id rather read NR than you what happened WWG1WGA ? nuthin says we have to be compatible ..just patriots..this is about MAGA isnt it? jeeze ya'll need to chill


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Shutup stupid. NeonJew did some shady things. His reputation is done. Go back to where you came from before I throw shekels at you and make you do tricks.