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You've now discovered why all the Liberals fleeing California and New York are destroying the states they are moving to by bringing the very same problems with them because of their voting habits and lifestyle/ideology.


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Same as mass immigration into Europe, Canada, US, Oz and other places....... works fine if they assimilate & back in the day they used to have no choice. Now the libtards are saying they don't need to assimilate, which is causing problems- as we all know.

IMO most former redditors will assimilate. Just give them some time, patience and a chance. They didn't come here just because they felt like it. They came because they want to help in the greater cause & their platform was stolen from them by a bunch of fuckwitted cowards.


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Anecdotal, but the lack of assimilation seems to have a direct correlation to the general lack of consequence associated with the Internet becoming the primary method of communication.

Without a reputation that matters in a community, cultural assimilation is simply not necessary. This destruction of community through lack of consequence appears to apply to a significant number of things outside our current subject, suggesting it's a much bigger problem.

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I’m in North Texas and the liberal invasion here with the corporation moves from CA has been brutal.

I’m new here but am happy to have a place to read and learn. I prefer an uncluttered feed without all the memes & shitposts. I haven’t had time to dig through and digest all the bread from 8 Chan and depended on Reddit to quickly see new Q posts and see discussion of info and interpretations.

I think new people need to lurk more until we understand this board better and refrain from posting unless we have information to share or pertinent questions. Thanks for taking in this refugee.


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Same as mass immigration into Europe, Canada, US, Oz and other places.......

But we did this where I'm from, you know that place I left because it wasn't working out for me.


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Jesus fuck you have no idea how big of a problem this is in Oregon.

After moving to a fucking desert with limited water resources......"you know what would look great in our yard? Thirsty fucking grass"



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I have family and business interests in Oregon. I assure you I empathize with your pain.


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It's better to have a thirsty garden than grass. You can't eat a fucking lawn unless you're a horse.


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I grew up here. I know. We are thinking of moving to Montana


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As a Floridian, I second this! don’t forget the Massholes!


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As a Mass resident I want to thank the Great State of Florida for taking as many as possible off of our hands.


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Fucking cancer. I live in New Hampshire and hate them equally as much as I hate Canadians.


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Florida has always been a magnet for the worst dregs of every state in the country. It really is the 'second chance' state.


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Like when an exterminator kills the roaches in the apartment beside you and they all come over to your home and fuck your life up.

We can only put up with this for so long.