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Hahahaha. They got banned from Reddit and this come here and set up a safe space, no respect for this place at all.

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Long before that. Post anything about jews or the black sun and they would shut it down.

All the fucking morons on that dom who listen to SB2 are in a for a world of hurt and trolling here.

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Srayzie and Shizy are both EVIL and CORRUPT, as are the Mods at Pizzagate.

Then they banned RIPJem from GreatAwakening who exposed them on Pizzagate after they ran hit pieces slandering and lying about Jenny Moore who was a Voat contributor and whistleblower that was threatened and killed after investigating extreme crimes involving the Clintons and others.

NeonRevolt is also corrupt and lying to everyone in order to Profit from a False Prophet.


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If SRS user Mumbleberry is shilling against this alternative to SRS-controlled /v/GreatAwakening, it's probably semi-legit. The proof is in this very comment getting downvote-brigaded, deleted by SRS user srayzie and me getting banned from /v/GreatAwakening for making it.

How did srayzie know to ban @oh_well_ian, the top poster to /v/GreatAwakening (who knew srayzie was SRS), the day before Reddit banned /v/GreatAwakening, unless she's SRS and knew it was going to happen? She's literally a mod of SRS on Voat.

If not, why was this person banned? Why is srayzie insistent that only her own SRS alts be added to the mod team?

The only people left here are paid commenters (SRS pedophiles) and useful idiots who don't realize they're conversing with paid commenters. You were herded here by SRS from Muslim-controlled Reddit to Muslim-controlled Voat (Atko = Atif Colo, a Muslim who's on the record complaining about anti-Islam bias on Voat), and then Atko flooded Voat with pro-Iran shills paid off by Muslim oil billionaires. Their primary coder is a tranny, their main devs are confirmed SJWs, and their fake CEO wears a fedora, looks like a Redditor, and has never given any indication of being a Right-leaning. Why are these people so excited to manage us pro bono?

What did Soros use his money to do to Reddit? Flood it with pro-Iran commenters.

What would Soros use his money to do to Voat? Flood it with pro-Iran commenters.

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Pro-Iran commenters? WTF are you talking about? Does every Patriot have to be anti-Iran, by definition? No. Tons of Patriots realise the royal buttfucking that USA/UK have done to Iran over the last 100 years. Tons of Patriots want to leave Iran alone. The only country that Iran poses a military threat to is Israel and its Kocher nukes. That's the only reason it has become a US priority. Cause Israel sets the US foreign agenda. Wake up.

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@mumbleberry isn't shilling shit. He's a regular user who is pissed off about the redditard behavior of a lot of our new guests. He's not alone.

Newfags, it is common courtesy to wipe your feet on the doormat before you enter someone's home. Don't track dogshit into our house.

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Ian's ban was long overdue! He continued to break the rules despite being given multiple chances and warnings. He was given so many chances because of the work he did! There were nonstop complaints about him over his behavior and "shill" posts. Those are not my words but the words of other users who questioned some of his work.

Unfortunately he continued to ignore the rules and was given a 24 hour ban. He proceeded to act like his normal self and attack other users so he was banned permanently.

And by the way @antisrs I have never seen you post here before. You also have 0cpp. What's your stake in this? You're either a troll or an angry alt who wants to cause division and spread disinformation!

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lmao 'wears a fedora'

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So youre saying its not safe here? Youre saying censorship is rampant and this site is worthless? ....CUZ THATS WHAT I HEARD!

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There's no self awareness with these people

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SB2 (Serialbrain2) produces massive walls of text which sound like decodes but are actually garbage filled with leaps of logic designed to discredit the movement.

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I cant disagree with the "wall of text" and sometimes confusing logic. But, I like to take it all in and see if I can learn anything, if not I move along. But he literally is the only one decoding that does NOT have a donation button. Theres that....I do spend time sifting through the crumbs on 8chan after a Q post see what the autists come up with as well, again no donate here button.

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lots of people do decodes. SB2 was the only one being upvoted to the front page of reddit every time he posted. Gotta look at /new section to see the decodes that are being downvoted by shills.

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Simple minds shouldn’t read grown up text.

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I disagree.

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Lol. The only rule is like "mods can do whatever they want".


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I think most of that was spam. The logs are public so not much of a loss. I like it here.

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Forgot to add the log file link. LOL, they will be kept honest or be gone: https://voat.co/v/theawakening/about/log/submission

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Sounds about right. Anyone who dissents against the "community guidelines" are sent to the gulags.

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Careful, I was banned on Reddit for questioning SB2s "methods."

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Like how much vaseline he has to use to pull things out of his ass?

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this is v/thepedes all over again

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Nah, there’s a void to fill and people are going to fight to fill it. Normal part of the process

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nah there's a bunch of trash that reddit dumped on our front lawn and we need to dispose of most of it

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Reddit refugees are welcome. Reddit modding philosophy is not. Fuck off with that or face the consequences.

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Folks be trippin' now well wtf they gonna do with 100k more? Damn the research is whats important. Fuck a bunch asswipes tearing each other apart. Thats 13 yr old shit. This is not a game. Oldfags don't like it then ban me. Ive been banned from better places many times before. Samo samo. Research anyone?

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I know you are trying to use english words but you dont seem to have the knack of putting them together in a useful way.

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