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We had reached saturation on reddit. This mass ban will attract a lot of attention... that's good.

It's also forcing lazy fucks like me to come here... and your right, this place is fucking great.

I got called a niggerfaggotkike in the first 5 mins. I couldn't be happier.

If this series of bans wasn't intended to increase awareness... I'd be surprised.

It had really shaken up the r/conspiracy fools.

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Person who suffers from alopecia areata, scabies, and chronic halitosis! (Am I doing this right? I'm afraid I'm new to insulting people.)

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How refreshing

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The streisand effect

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Ah Man, nobody has called me such nice things yet.

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Participate more you lazy nigger cunt! We're bastards but you probably won't be sent random PMs reading simply 'Kike' you white trash cocksmoker.

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Cheer up, it's bound to happen soon.

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I got called a niggerfaggotkike in the first 5 mins. I couldn't be happier.

i never thought id read something like that. i love it.

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What gets me is, do they really think that is the way to change minds? Like all of us Q followers are just going to wake up and go, "Oh well, that was fun, but it's over now. I don't believe in it any more."

Like Q has said so many times before, "these people are stupid."

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Jews are constantly mistaken for smart because they are able to seize so much power, but the truth is that it's a lack of morality that allows them to take power. They would (and do) sell their own children into slavery if it means a few more shekels in their pockets. They aren't people but some sort of cold blooded lizard creature that resembles humans. No humans, not even niggers (adult children with learning disabilities) lack empathy like the Kikes do.

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Even then, the IQ route holds no water.

Jews are such a low percentage of the population that they are out numbered by genius-level IQ whites due to statistics alone.

Their dominance comes from one thing and one thing alone: Collusion

If whites colluded like jews do we would quickly subdue them.

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The talmud teaches them how to argue and be verbally tricky. It's a giant how to manual on using semantics to manipulate and deceive. Read it for yourself if you can stomach it. That's why the look smart- they are good with using words to trick you. That's all.

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They really are "something else"

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Hating on Jews is the reason why I left Voat a year ago. If you want more people to come join your cause, I think you guys should tone down the Jew hate.

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They just made a huge strategic blunder. Our suspicions are validated. The right will now have stronger resolve than ever.

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They fell victim to one of the classic blunders - the most famous of which is "never get involved in a land war in Asia" - but only slightly less well-known is this: "Never go in against a patriot when economic death is on the line"!

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It’s how dying regimes always operate, silence the dissenters or label them mentally ill. In current year you get labeled an ism/ist and instead of being imprisoned or killed your sub gets shut down.

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Stupid and desperate. That kinda wallops my walnuts too.

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I'm looking forward to what PrayingMedic, Blessed To Teach, Justinformed Talk, and Truth and Art TV will have to say about this on YouTube. Assuming they are not all banned from YouTube, that is....

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That will be next, followed by FB then Twatter.

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BitChute, you mean? what is this yewtooob?

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PM is on Vimeo now for the most part

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Thank you for that!!! I didn't know.

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I'm new here, break me in, get it over with

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Your a nigger faggot who gets cucked by your kike overlords.

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My Turn! My Turn! Make it rough!

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You’re* (Lemme have it)

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You're clothes look uncomfortable! And they don't match entirely!

New here too.

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Fuck off faggot

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most of the history and science you believe is wrong, and you're about to find out why.

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I broke your mom in, last night.

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They did the multiban a few weeks too late. Q is already out there in the public eye. This multiban should be on the 'friendly' news outlets soon.

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CNET WAPO Newsweek Slate already

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I have already received calls asking about this Q Ban they read on news sites. Suppression or advertising???

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that's exactly what it is - old school internet conversation. there's nobody around to ban shit anyway, just like back in the day lol.

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Come for the news feeds, stay for the bantz n keks.

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I'm just absolutely sickened by what's going on Reddit and I think I've had enough of that SJW cesspit.

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took you long enough, its been going on for years there, since fatpeoplehate was banned and before. welcome to voat anyway niggerfaggot, enjoy your stay

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Basically the only thing that kept me around was The_Donald. TheDonald here on voat is pretty lame.

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I'm a new niggerfaggotjew who just signed up today. Love the esprit de corps and the refreshing total lack of suppression of speech here. I agree with you faggots, banning r/GreatAwakening could be the tipping point where reddit fags quit in disgust and come here to to discuss Trump's New America in relative peace without so much political correctness jabbing us in the face like multiple dicks at a gangbang.

EDIT: And there's my first post on Voat. Now I can't tell anyone I know IRL my username.

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Thats funny. The people i really know are surprised i have toned down my lack of censorship. I'm not really racist i just think nigger jokes are fucking funny.

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I hear you. I'm old enough to remember what the workplace was like in the early 80s, where you could tell a joke like "What is a black person's pinata? A watermelon filled with food stamps" and not get in trouble. In the days of Xerox lore, where people would collect cartoons and jokes by copying and trading them as they went from company to company, a girl at one company I was at had a lengthy 20 or so page collection of the most offensive and hilarious racist jokes I'd ever read. No one cared as long as no one took it seriously and it didn't cause a problem. These days, you get "a look" by even using the phrase "the n-word" at work. Damn, people are so touchy these days.

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