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Put some hastags in the meme canons and get everyone we can over here.




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Someone sent me this and said JIDF and apparently that's like a censorship/subversion group https://imgoat.com/uploads/5e00132373/145485.png

@MisplacedMan @QualityShitposter @jokersmild @nothereforpizza

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Oh, btw

SoapBoxBanHammer is a local SRS/leftypol hub

Their affiliates should be viewed with extreme caution. I wouldn't be surprised if this was passed along to you to sew discord.

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I've always been fond of Syrazie.

If I change my mind, I won't be silent about it.

Be warned: the SRS/leftypol faggots here (likely similar shills that hit the board) will regularly reroute you to muh joos.

Good luck around here, anon

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you made it

get comfy, anon. the info drops either way!

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Nice to be here faggot!

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Thank God (and Voat) the mods are keeping the fight alive... as much as I love 8chan, having this sort of forum is great as well!

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Im using a new username but I've been here for quite a while. Personally I don't care as long as the mod isn't stifling our free speech. We have had problems with cancer mods before and one or both of two things will happen. Either an alternative sub will pop up taking place of the former or there will be a community uprising and Putt will make a rare appearance and set things right. We have been chugging along here for a long time and one shitty mod isn't going to stop us.

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Yup, you got that right!

Personally, the subs that the person in question mods here is what worries me about it. Not to mention, the person is a total faggot that brings leftypol-inspired rhetoric along with them. If I pointed them out, you wouldn't be surprised, i'm confident.

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I'm not the asshole that downvoted you btw. I understand your position so have a upvote of neutralization.

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I probably wouldn't be surprised and that's the point. As long as they aren't abusing their mod privileges I don't care. They could be a tranny advocating for raping children and as much as I would hate them this is supposedly a free speech platform. Let them spew their shit and we will counter. If our arguments are better (and they damn well will be for that example) we will win the debate in the minds of the undecided. That's the point of free speech. This place leans heavy right compared to heavily moderated forums but that is for a reason. When free speech is allowed the right always wins. Of course there is infighting on the particulars of right wing ideology but that is good. The strongest ideas will survive. Let them be a lefty shill until they start fucking with our ability to combat their ideas with ours. At that point rise up and destroy! If we shut down the leftists speech what makes us any better than Reddit.

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Depends on which subreddits they currently mod on.

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Does it?

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Yes. I generally liked the mods of the greatawakening sub there.

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I've always liked FartsOnToast. He started TGA and swampwatch because of the shit going on at GA. I hope He comes, good guy.

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Shills love to sell subversion.

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I've been accused of shilling plenty of times. An additional time won't really bother me.

Remember, gotta make noise to garner attention!

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Give them a chance to be upright and do the right thing... When they fail... Dox'em.

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We're pretty damn far past that point, bud.