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Another tip for newfags, browse v/all/new and downvoat all nsfw and degenerate submissions. There are a billion porn websites, and voat is not the place for it. As @theTrigger mentioned, users like Aged are constantly submitting child porn and borderline content that is of no benefit to our community, and could even be leveraged to take the site down.

If you want to see pornography, (((they))) have millions of websites already setup for that.

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Another great point. Don't say you weren't warned, when you get a -30 score on a random pic of diddies that you post. If you'll notice, most porn subs are ghost towns. They're that way for a reason.

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The porn industry is run by filthy Jews who want to flood developed nations with degeneracy and vice.

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Thank you for this great info. I will be wearing my helmet from now on :) WWG1WGA !!

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HEY, (((they))) is not allowed. Wait a minute this is not reddit, Carry on and kiss my ass very much.

I am so glad to be here.

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Sounds like you will fit right in 😆

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You took the words right out of my mouth niggerfagget.

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Let's make a distinction between (((him))) and demons running amock capitalising upon the vices of man.

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Roger all that... the ((( thing... that for them people who wear them funny hats?

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for them people who wear them funny hats?

If by that you mean the scourge on humanity, then yes. They hate you, goy.


The Culture of Critique - Kevin MacDonald

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the ((( thing... that for them people who wear them funny hats?

You mean the fucking jews?

Yes, it's for the jews, you fucking retard.

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It means kike, yes. See: (((Bernie Sanders))) deserves to be gassed for real, and not like the way jews pretend six gorillion were in the holohoax.

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It is all explained here.

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How are you going to tell new people to downvote when it requires 100 karma? I get that's nothing, but think about it.

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If you buy a new car and I give you some driving tips, should you ignore them because of the break-in period?

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I knew this day would come. Hello reddit folks!

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I'm afraid to speak after reading all this LOLOL. Pls don't hurt me

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You sir are a nigger faggot. Good day sir.

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If you’re afraid to speak, feel free to fuck off until you have something useful to say. Preferably something useful and true, like “diversity not only lowers trust between groups, but within groups as well.”

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Everybody is free here. Always, always, speak your truth. ♡

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I've been the new anon before. We'll get through it.

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In spite of what we saw on R with the censoring & banning of all things related to 45, truth and Q, it was still a shock to find my place of camaraderie gone. I had had comments saved....gone; familiar voices....gone. I'd made this account some months ago with a different name and now wish I had carried my name from R. I don't have a clue how I might change it. This site is enough different that it will take time to really be able to use it well. Am grateful it's here though. WWG1WGA!!

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We will rebuild :) Good to have you here! I've been on voat for a while now. I think this is actually my second username. I was aaaaaaaaanonymous and Bowlofzombies and baebaebokchoy on GA.

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Newfag here, and thanks... sincerely. I know some users are going to need help understanding the new platform.

If there's anything I can do to help, just call me a niggerfaggot.

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Let me introduce you to voat's customary greeting:

Welcome to Voat! Fuck you niggerfaggot!

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Lol, it's very iDubbbz, I can dig it.


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Seems fitting...fuck all of you nerds. Seriously though, what the fuck happened to reddit? I thought it was the last bastion of sense, clearly I was wrong. Well, I only visited MGTOW anyway, so i guess I am talking out of my ass about the entirety of reddit.

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T^T I'm already starting to miss reddit :( but i will adapt. Can you guys use something other than niggerfaggot? Like i don't want to turn away any African Americans, or homosexuals that are coming from reddit that have been followers. Be more considerate. I'm even turned off by it and i'm an asian american chick. I liked Q, but feeling more like a white communion is definitely not helping the Q movement. Just saying. It might be an inside joke, but first impression - it's not inviting.

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Fuck-off you pandering pile of shit.

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I'm willing to go a lot of places, and I'm willing to do a lot of things...

So yeah, I'll give it go.

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Do you know how to change one's name on voat? I wish I could see how but it's a mystery to me.

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Short of making a new acct, you can't. Idiot.

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Not a clue sadly.

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thanks for the heads up. Im usually a lurker but am hoping this is the new stomping ground for Q analysis. Fuck reddit

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I don't really follow much Q stuff, but there's been really good posts that I see coming from here, every now and then. I'm sure there's quite a bit of back-log for you to sleuth through.

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We already have a Q obsessed group here. I'm actually really surprised there was a Q following on reddit.

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It really is surprising when you think about it, considering Reddit is run by a bunch of leftist fags. I'm surprised they let those Qanon subs survive for as long as they did.

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Probably 70k in Great Awakening

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We all need a break from the seriousness of politics and current news, and I'm sure we would all appreciate having more varied content, around here. There's lots of us who refuse to ever go back to reddit, but really do miss having people to talk to about our various interests.

i think i'm going to like it here. Thanks kindly.

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If some of you newfags aren't on Gab.ai yet, that is what needs to happen.

[–] [deleted] 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 


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My only concern is gab.ai is very similar to a gabbai, a Jewish term. But other than that ...

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Putting out a shameless plug for my subverse


Just a humble place for veterans, service members, and family and friends of to share their experiences with the military.

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Reposting just because.

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Thanks for warm welcome and warning us in advance. The most hilarious thing about this whole situation to me is that today on r/greatawakening sb wrote a post "Why they won't ban greatawakening". Glad that You don't have the whole karma thing, it's more Christian that way. God Bless You All

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There is actually karma here. Theyre just called Points. You have Submission Points SCP, and Comment Points CCP. While your account is new and you have few CCP you acct is limited. You can only give so many upvoats and downvoat until you pass a certain number of CCP. And if you get DVd into the negs it becomes more restrictive. It's changed a few times and I don't remember the exact numbers these days. Someone will post it eventually.

So, you Do have karma, and it affects your acct privileges.

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Newfag here... I went to post a link (a meme I made) and this "error" message came up:

"An Account must have a minimum of 10 CCP to create a submission"

But looks like you answered the question I have about it... so just keep upvoating and commenting till I get enough points to post?

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Definitely prefer points than karma. Sounds more neutral. Thanks again.

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Welcome Patriot.

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