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Fuck Eddit and the Pale horse they rode in on.

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For some of that were on the fence about the whole Q thing, It really makes us go hmmmm, maybe this thing really is a huge as it's made out to be. There must be some very powerful people in play here to be able to pull so many plugs so fast to try and make it go away, and if it's not true then why would you bother? Well of course unless you are trying to bury it, and why bury something that doesn't need to be buried? Pizzagate never got buried for example, I think there really must be a panic out there about this, and I think it's just helping to prove that there is a great evil behind all of it

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How did Pizzagate not get buried? It went away there overnight just like this and there were tons of "debunking" articles. Same shit from what I can tell. I agree with the rest though. Kind of pointless to ban and discredit a fake isn't it?

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Pizzagate had some very strong similarities to what went down today. Again, it is amazing that they go to such lengths to try to discredit a LARP. I believe both pizzagate and Q are quite real.

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Pizzagate never got buried? They were kicked out long ago. Most people think it's a joke.

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There was a good reason Q told everyone to store proofs offline. We were told this day would arrive without warning.

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Hitting Newsweek... this is only attracting more attention to Q.


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They're not smart people. If they were, they would never have been so open with their symbology. If they were smart they would have had a backup plan should Hillary lose. Instead they are like chickens running around with their heads cut off.

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They keep saying conspiracy theory. It's not a conspiracy theory. By definition Q is a phenomenon.

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I love how Newsweek labeled Pizzagate an "entirely baseless international child sex trafficking ring implicating Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Barack Obama, John Podesta, James Comey and more." What they don't get is that the reason we follow these things is because if you use logic and maintain an open mind, it's impossible to not see something nefarious when reviewing all the evidence portrayed. They never address that. They simply mock. That's why it's so obvious there is absolutely something major going on.

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Thank you! Perfect word for Q when speaking to non Q learners! Phenomenon!

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... Reddit banned the “Great Awakening” subreddit, citing content policy violations including “inciting violence, harassment, and the dissemination of personal information.”

That implies that members of these subs did all those things. That first item at least is actionable and could lead to criminal charges. I wonder if this would be considered slander?

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Let's build it and they will come

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I came from Reddit when they shut down the pizza sub. The faggot niggerkikes at voat are brilliant.

So fuck off back to reddit newfags. You'll love voat after a while and wonder why you didn't come here sooner.

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They banned Q. All Q subs, any talk of banning due to threats or harassment does not stand up since they also banned r/BiblicalQ there was only Biblical discussion and Q related content. Zero threats. But tying Q to prophecy and history freaks them out.

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