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Multiple posts about the banning of GA are being taken down on T_D. Edit EVERY post

Edit: The_GA is gone too

Edit: T_D back posting after Big League Politics publishes article about the ban.

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Or as the GA guys call them - the cabal. Hope you boys are ready to learn about why Q said Israel is being saved for last!

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Sad but true. It wasn't always like that but after the last big mod influx at the end of last year things changed drastically. Although, I think it really started when they banned OhSnapYouGotServed and a couple other top mods. I don't think the sub will ever get banned because it's become a playpen for 'undesirables' that reddit is more than happy to mine for clicks.

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TD is modded by literal kikes, it's a controlled pen to keep the dumb boomers in.

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Thank goodness for Big League Politics, and other independent sites.

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T_D hasn't had a new post in 23 minutes. Shit is going down.