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It's a Beautiful Day isn't it? Notice All the Attempts to Deflect and Distract? Storms are literally coming and they put this fodder out just yesterday. Their attempts are proving to be desperate and pathetic!

They're at it again! Trashing Q and Qarmy in the New York Times Now!

Covers info on documents possibly being released.

The important Meadows tweet on updated letter to Rosenstein including new timeline for the Page Strzok emails.

Rats are ratting each other out according to Q drops!

Truly a sight to behold!

FYI no need to upvote or pay to see this info. You may read on steemit without paying!

Just Read the info. You don't have to upvote either!

Lots of tie ins here including info said about no name even going back to last year which panned out to Kasich giving info away and drawing conclusions on the times McCain was appearing in that boot. . .the probes about his brain surgery, etc.

Those Riled up Rats turning on one another

What's the deal with Yates? Background on she and her husband who ran against Cynthia McKinney.

Yates' husband donating to Obama. Their wealth.

The Incredible All Out Panic going on and Rush to Cloak and Cover!

How about that sleeper cell they keep boasting about, parading and signaling?

Truth about that Podesta tweet and who these people really are with all their undo virtue signaling. Isn't it Digusting?

How does Q, NSA, INSCOM Know Precisely what they are talking about?

What's the deal with Rachel Brand and Schneiderman?

What, who are they connected to?

As you know these people and their actions are connected All over the MAP!

Let me know your thoughts and observations please.

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https://tweetsave.com/narrativetests/status/1039917103531413507 :

TestingTheNarrative on Twitter: "Qanon drop Rats Running! Ah oh Ohr Spilling the Beans Lynch Yates and Comey! Standing Tall or standing down? Qanon breakdown.… /lThqokmMdh"

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