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They have the Nerve in the First Paragraph, the same paper that just had an "Anonymous Source" from where they claim was "somewhere on the inside," but the person didn't want to be ratted out. . .very dangerous of course.

They stated this,

"You always find scattered crumbs — inscrutable analogies, esoteric equations, unverified allegations from anonymous sources — gathered around those questions about which we know the least."

"For months now, one such anonymous source — an internet user called “Q Clearance Patriot” or “Q,” posting on anarchic, underbelly-of-the-internet message boards like 4chan and 8chan — has been spreading its “crumbs” across the web, offering up a running commentary on the state of the nation in a gnomic and paranoid style."

Does anyone even read their spittle?

Of course they had to get their unwarranted digs in about President Trump!

"The bakers are, by poring over each nonsensical hint, supposedly aiding their fellow “patriots” on the inside. Bad news is merely a “distraction.” The president’s behavior is merely a ruse. The good guys are secretly in control, and they are going to win."


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So instead we are supposed to believe that Crooked Hillary isn't crooked?


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https://archive.fo/Pe5e9 :

A Trail of ‘Bread Crumbs,’ Leading Conspiracy Theorists Into the Wilderness - The New York Times

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