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Here's a New York Times article (PDF link) showing the 4 members of the team posing in women's bikini tops. Gay jewish "artists"? I know. Shocking.

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Aw, it was just an art project. They wanted to put a balcony on the WTC, that nobody else got to see. /s

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Looks like the work of Don (((Hertzfeldt))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPDHlnjulvY

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This picture reportedly came from the Gelatin "art crew" at the World Trade Center.


The boxes say BB 18 on them. Those are electrical Busbar fuse holders. I don't know if that pic really came from the WTC, and if these are the "art students" hooking them up. It wouldn't surprise me because the dancing Israelis bragged about documenting the towers falling.