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Lucky Larry was aware it was going to cost MILLIONS for asbestos removal. Instead of paying out, he got the pay out. Sickening!



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definitely. was wondering what the insurance payout was going to be...


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https://archive.fo/WCPdy :

Developer Sues to Win $12.3 Billion in 9/11 Attack - The New York Times

'Silverstein had been more than compensated by the nearly $4.6 billion insurance settlement, reached after almost six years of litigation. '

'Silverstein was entitled to the market value of the property, which he said had been established by the $3.2 billion lease. '

'Williamson, Judge Hellerstein asked: “What’s the nature of your recovery?”To which Mr. '

'Judge Hellerstein expressed skepticism about Mr. '

'Silverstein won his claim, he could push the total claims beyond the amount of insurance that the airlines and security companies have available. “There ain’t that much insurance,” Mr. '

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