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It occurs to me that this person isn't safe. If some grieving 9/11 Widow for example murdered him and his entire family, the news would refuse to cover it as it would raise a number of uncomfortable questions which they have been avoiding all these years.

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Not 100% this is the same guy. It appears to be, however it is an uncommon name.

The lead that led me to correlate him is his title of "Growth Hacker" which is consistent with the Resume of this Israeli when he returned to Florida after fleeing the country on 9/11.

The Dominik Suter of Urban Moving Systems fired his staff around lunchtime the same day 5 of his employees were arrested by the FBI at 3:56 PM. Those Israelis were later deported to Israel.

https:// tiny+ url.com/ycxa5qou

Don't harangue this guy in case he isn't the same guy. As Obama said, we should "Aim before we shoot".