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Here's an article discussing that the twin towers were designed to withstand a hit from the largest commercial aircraft at the time the buildings were built- a Boeing 707. The planes that hit the towers were larger, 767, but the 707 had more destructive power at cruising speed:

[–] KnightsofHubris 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

The buildings did withstand the plane impact. They did not withstand the fire. The spray on foam fire retardant is brittle and the plane crash would have stripped the coating off. Bare steel does not do well in fires.

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Wut? Are you an engineer? The metal used for the buildings can withstand the fires of jet fuel, especially when encased in cement.

It could weaken the metal, which may bend, but that doesn’t explain the tower falling on itself rather than falling to the side where the support was weakened.

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Oh yay, an are we sure alt!

That's actually incorrect! It wasn't hot enough to melt that steel:

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Too late guys.

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Oh lookie, a 777. How creative!