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The parents of the daughter who died, go to the church I work at. The husband was best friends with the music minister's son of another church I worked at. In 2001, I remember the frantic search for her for weeks after the crime and then, 12 years later, I have this lovely couple in my office telling me how it never will be ok for them. They have their faith and it is solid but for us to buy the junk they push on us about this, is ludicrous. The lady whose sister's finger was found, had Type 1 diabetes, and she told me it was always a given she would go first. It is just all so horrible and like I said, today I am grieving a whole nother way. With a lot of anger and tiredness over the lies.

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Horrible! I think more and more people feel disillusioned, let down and at times without hope.
Evil is constantly called good and good evil.
I am so very sorry. Faith is good, isn't there a righteous anger though. . .you know, the kind where Jesus went into those scoundrels in the church with a whip and overturned the money changers' tables. Boy would I like to see someone Do That to the International Central Bankers, i.e. The FED! All those backers of Bush and those involved in perpetrating this evil and taking all these innocent souls!

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I am so sorry! That is all so sad and makes me angry because it should have never happened!