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I agree most people don't realize the Statue of Liberty is actually masonic, but we're never going to convince them of that. . .so in some things you proceed with and let them have the symbols they think of in a way they consider patriotic.

I just told you: that "patriotism" as "a-nation-of-ideas-not-blood" is the whole Jewish con. They import different races and incite them against one another as a divide-and-conquer strategy. They admit this: here's George Soros' son, for example.. It is intuitive and easily understood.

With that in mind your listener will be less surprised to hear that Freemasonry is an admitted Jewish front.

what Afghanistan was Really about and who it ultimately profited

That would be the Jewish Sackler family and before them the Jewish Sassoon family.

jews aren't really even jews

Nobody cares what they're called. Their elites rape babies and their non-elites have an innately subversive character and overt hostility to whites due to the mythical holocaust. Every last one of them needs to go.

but you don't get into that when the day is about remembering those sacrificed do to wicked people!

"Dual-citizen Israeli-American Jews sacrificed 3,000 Americans on 9/11, but it's counterproductive to talk about American Jews on 9/11 because no American Jew will ever do anything similar again. Probably. Or maybe they will. Anyway a Satanic cult is more plausible to normies than an ethnic immigrant committing treason to favor his nation of birth."

Your approach boils down to: "we mustn't turn people against the Jewish community as a whole," a bizarre priority for a supposed truth-seeker and white person.

This is why women don't belong here.

Keep your trash in your own realm!

Shut the fuck up, you useless old bitch.

Too many red pills at once cannot be digested and will simply be rejected!

Clearly. LOL!