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17 years. It still seems like yesterday. I was 1 mi away when the impact hit the Pentagon. I drove by the site every day for years.

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Amazing! So close.

Did you get a look with your own two eyes that varies from the narrative being pushed?

Just curious. If you don't want to share understandable.

Someone just told me that a Mod from a board Q links to at times, was calling people who questioned the narrative about this event. . .psychopaths yesterday.

Sounds about right as they already found many mods compromised and just "playing a game" pretending to be on the side of good, but actually media matters and shareblue orchestrators collecting their funds as infiltrators also gathering info on all of us for the other side.

Lots of things have happened to my family since and Q has already said. ..There Are No Coincidences.

When your watching, it becomes very clear Who the infiltrators are and their posturing does Not go Unnoticed.

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Adding - 5 years ago, I towed the narrative. 5 years later, I don't believe for one second that the "official narrative" is bullshit.

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I can tell you that something did incredible damage to the Pentagon. There were zero visible signs of anything which looked like an aircraft. I know quite a number of people who were in the Pentagon at impact time. No one has ever given alternate testimony.

Was it a missile? A plane? I have no idea. No one I know has claimed to have seen the plane, with the exception of one individual. He is one of Wolf Blitzer and Brennan's buddies and is on CNN frequently: