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17 years. It still seems like yesterday. I was 1 mi away when the impact hit the Pentagon. I drove by the site every day for years.


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Amazing! So close.

Did you get a look with your own two eyes that varies from the narrative being pushed?

Just curious. If you don't want to share understandable.

Someone just told me that a Mod from a board Q links to at times, was calling people who questioned the narrative about this event. . .psychopaths yesterday.

Sounds about right as they already found many mods compromised and just "playing a game" pretending to be on the side of good, but actually media matters and shareblue orchestrators collecting their funds as infiltrators also gathering info on all of us for the other side.

Lots of things have happened to my family since and Q has already said. ..There Are No Coincidences.

When your watching, it becomes very clear Who the infiltrators are and their posturing does Not go Unnoticed.


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Adding - 5 years ago, I towed the narrative. 5 years later, I don't believe for one second that the "official narrative" is bullshit.


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I can tell you that something did incredible damage to the Pentagon. There were zero visible signs of anything which looked like an aircraft. I know quite a number of people who were in the Pentagon at impact time. No one has ever given alternate testimony.

Was it a missile? A plane? I have no idea. No one I know has claimed to have seen the plane, with the exception of one individual. He is one of Wolf Blitzer and Brennan's buddies and is on CNN frequently: https://edition.cnn.com/videos/tv/2017/01/22/fmr-intel-operative-trump-at-cia-disgusting.cnn


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I know 5 families crushed by this crime. One sister told me they only found one finger of her sister. Another family of three generations still struggles with the loss of their daughter, wife and mother. The child is 18 this year. She never knew her mother except as an infant. This year for me I have decided we have completely been lied to about 9-11. I am grieving all over again, in a different way. With total anger and disgust with the Bushes, Clintons and deep state monsters.


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I'm so sorry TippyHome. These poor people. Terrible for a child to never been able to know their mother especially when the cause is a senseless act.

I feel like you do. And the longer the lie to the general public the angrier I get each year watching them put on a show about who really orchestrated it all and the diabolical, self-serving reasons!


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The parents of the daughter who died, go to the church I work at. The husband was best friends with the music minister's son of another church I worked at. In 2001, I remember the frantic search for her for weeks after the crime and then, 12 years later, I have this lovely couple in my office telling me how it never will be ok for them. They have their faith and it is solid but for us to buy the junk they push on us about this, is ludicrous. The lady whose sister's finger was found, had Type 1 diabetes, and she told me it was always a given she would go first. It is just all so horrible and like I said, today I am grieving a whole nother way. With a lot of anger and tiredness over the lies.


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Art teams ran source mapping projects for digital manipulation months/years prior. Find me 3,000 social security numbers and tax records, pronto!

And passports that don't vaporize...

Or landing gear still intact...

Or windows blowing out in unison several floors below 'impact' holes...

Or a sand nigger who can steer a plane of that size and speed with little training at all...


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https://files.catbox.moe/xh64li.png :

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=WkoAqEqORb8 :

What Qanon has been trying to tell us and how it connects to the SOTU - YouTube

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=oJ-WTFA2vXY :

God Bless America: A 9-11 Tribute from Herman Cain - YouTube

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=Gtud5pvF08A :

Jeremy Camp- There will be a day (Lyrics video) - YouTube

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=coXzeZqE56g :

World Trade Center 9/11 - Lee Greenwood ~ God bless the USA ~ - YouTube

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I don't wanna be a dick here, cuz you seem well-intentioned, but this is sentimental bullshit you've been brainwashed to believe:

It was meant as a symbol for all that is good in our country. It is meant to remind us no matter our race, creed or status

people don't risk their lives to found countries for the benefit of any and all third-parties who can physically arrive there.
it's also extremely insulting to whites suggest that "all that is good in our country" is the presence of non-whites.

the founders reaffirmed this repeatedly

and similar laws were effected by our ancestors until this myth was thoroughly ingrained in their sons through Jewish media saturation

"The melting pot" coined by a Jew

the masonic, occult Lightbearer of Liberty statue with its "allow immigrants (i.e. jews) and unlimited 3rd worlders in" poem written by a Jew

The founders anticipated this known behavior among Jews:



Women unchecked by their husbands OPPOSE a border wall MORE THAN HISPANICS DO

You don't belong here, woman. You are doing a disservice to your people.


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I don't like the name you are under and don't pretend you're not trying to do something. . .You Are doing!

You are taking a sentiment to the extreme. All who want to be patriots no matter color, of course including the whites consider the flag a symbol of their Republic.

I have never and never would bash against whites or any race.

No doubt there are diabolical forces against caucasians as can be seen by what goes on in South Africa and the number the cabal tries to do here with their race war intended propaganda.

It's no different than what they are doing to act as if we can't work together. Yes, the wicked controllers attempted and have caused conflict. . .but those of us who do Not buy into it are here all together now and it is in our Best Interests to work together against Said Controllers.

Knock off the garbage about women. I'm no feminist, but you've worn that out!

Those of us thinking have Never been against the border wall.

I agree most people don't realize the Statue of Liberty is actually masonic, but we're never going to convince them of that. . .so in some things you proceed with and let them have the symbols they think of in a way they consider patriotic.

This info isn't just for here. My duty is to share out to others Not always in the Know and if I regurgitate, rather than slowly introduce what can easily be acknowledged. ..Something's wrong with the Narrative, things don't add up and what can be found researching about the Bush's history, what Afghanistan was Really about and who it ultimately profited. . .rather than hey. . .that statue you're so dang proud of. . .it's steeped in mythological satanic practices. Not going to be a winner for reading material.

And if one approaches with your lack of a bedside manner because your ego is so overly inflated. . .people are gone.

They see your arrogance is unfounded! Q said this is about We the People, not YOU with so much time on your hands you attack everyone!

Too many red pills at once cannot be digested and will simply be rejected! There is no way to explain to those who don't understand many jews aren't really even jews and the sell outs in Hollywood, the music industry, running the UK are Synagogue of Satan. I can mix that in certain reports for certain audiences. . .but you don't get into that when the day is about remembering those sacrificed do to wicked people! You should Learn to have Some Class!

On a day people lost loved ones, No Matter who the True Perpetrators were. . .ultimately they just want to mourn those loved ones and be grateful for those who helped others in the wake of utter destruction!

They don't want a complete barrage of info they're not accustomed to.

Many will choose Not to Know and others may start looking around and becoming aware of the matrix around them if they are red pilled slowly!

Stop using your oh-well bully tactics! They don't Work on Me!

Keep your trash in your own realm!

Try to remember. . .this day isn't about You and Your ridiculous attacks. . .it's about people like this

The Hero who didn't follow orders to Stay Put and saved over 2700 people Here


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Ignore the angry Muslim troll! He hates women and thinks they should be raped to be baby factories, not allowed to speak, and then discarded once they have been overbred. Typical Muslim values!


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I agree most people don't realize the Statue of Liberty is actually masonic, but we're never going to convince them of that. . .so in some things you proceed with and let them have the symbols they think of in a way they consider patriotic.

I just told you: that "patriotism" as "a-nation-of-ideas-not-blood" is the whole Jewish con. They import different races and incite them against one another as a divide-and-conquer strategy. They admit this: here's George Soros' son, for example.. It is intuitive and easily understood.

With that in mind your listener will be less surprised to hear that Freemasonry is an admitted Jewish front.

what Afghanistan was Really about and who it ultimately profited

That would be the Jewish Sackler family and before them the Jewish Sassoon family.

jews aren't really even jews

Nobody cares what they're called. Their elites rape babies and their non-elites have an innately subversive character and overt hostility to whites due to the mythical holocaust. Every last one of them needs to go.

but you don't get into that when the day is about remembering those sacrificed do to wicked people!

"Dual-citizen Israeli-American Jews sacrificed 3,000 Americans on 9/11, but it's counterproductive to talk about American Jews on 9/11 because no American Jew will ever do anything similar again. Probably. Or maybe they will. Anyway a Satanic cult is more plausible to normies than an ethnic immigrant committing treason to favor his nation of birth."

Your approach boils down to: "we mustn't turn people against the Jewish community as a whole," a bizarre priority for a supposed truth-seeker and white person.

This is why women don't belong here.

Keep your trash in your own realm!

Shut the fuck up, you useless old bitch.

Too many red pills at once cannot be digested and will simply be rejected!

Clearly. LOL!