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Mook, that sneaky fucker is seldom mentioned. UpVoat.

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The media is always on the leading edge of the problem and is the vanguard of the people generating these issues, because its all about engineering the public to think a certain way about things. This meme can be embedded in a certain kind of manner to explain a certain category or aspect of the governmental mind in its collective form.

It is not something that can be fitted into a system of thought per se, but a category of thought can work it out accordingly to a certain general system mode of operations, as it respects social functioning. It cannot be worked back at subjectively, but must be fitted within a certain framework of thought that conforms to a certain schemata of thought that pertains to reality and society.

Its obvious though that all is radicalized, except for the vanguard that is the media, which "legitimizes" the rest of it all, and Trump is left alienated, which is very unfortunate to say the least and squeezed out of the picture by the one engineering the whole program from the front scene and the ones doing all the window dressing and working out things from behind the scene.