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The main point of the Fisa Memo relased a while ago that a lot of people miss was that while Christoper Steele was working with the FBI and Fusion GPS, he leaked an excerpt from the Dossier to yahoo news around August 2016, who then published a story on it.

The FBI then used the yahoo news story to corroborate the same info in the dossier in their FISA Warrant application, despite it coming from the same source in both instances (Christopher Steele), albeit the FBI claims not to have known that it was Christopher Steele who leaked the story to Yahoo News at the time, but they did find out a few months later, which led to his termination in I think October 2016.

This is essentially the same tactic Dick Cheney used back before the Iraq War had started, when he annonymously leaked intel on WMDs in Iraq to the New York Times, then used the New York Times story on the leaked intel to corroborate his own intelligence when trying to convince Congress to invade Iraq.

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here be da meme

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@Bopper will you share the links to those memes you shared earlier?

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Thanks! Speedy service lady. 👏🏻

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Stefan Halper

Halper may have been a spy inserted into the Trump campaign by the Obama administration on the federal dime.

Stefan Halper is the longtime CIA operative and Cambridge University professor who approached Carter Page, Sam Clovis, and George Papadopoulos during the 2016 campaign

Pentagon analyst Adam Lovinger was punished and stripped of his security clearance after asking why Halper and a Clinton associate were being paid more than normal. This is very important. They knew they were doing something wrong and the cover-up was so aggressive that they ruined the career of an honest guy in the Office of Net Assessment.

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Stefan Halper also oversaw a spying campaign orchestrated against Jimmy Carter's Administration during the 1980 Presidential Election, in which Carter was running against Ronald Reagan, whose vice president was George H.W. Bush, who served as the DIrector of Central Intelligence from 1976-1977


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Great idea!