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It's not on the news.

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I'll give you an upgoat to see if anyone else has info, but your account scores high on the faggot index, so don't think you've gotten away with anything, yet.

Update: it's spam. To everyone who isn't a queer: oldish account + low points => ignore.

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It's one of these faggots; https://voat.co/v/ProtectVoat/2656108

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Good catch, Mumbleberry

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Fuck you for getting my hopes up.

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Wait... really? ... Like really?! An actual nuke? Like... an atomic bomb? ... in Israel? .... because this is the biggest gosh darn story in decades if true...

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They nuke themselves everyday, why do you think they support ISIS. ISIS is the long claw of their nuclear arm. Israel will never have justice administered to it in its current positioning.

Overthrowing Israel would be enough of a reason to launch a revolution, not to mention all the Zionists that are in positions of power in our country. That would probably end up in getting the right winged nuke though, so who knows.

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What nukes?

Nobody has nukes idiot.