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Ian had been pushing it for a while. The point of Ian was a subversive attack to cause disillusion with this Sub. This sub is not about srayzie or Ian. This sub doesn't need a "Host" or a leader. Ian was pumping the stream with post. he was posting A LOT. He was becoming a powerful force, it doesn't matter what kind of force, as in for good or evil. It's just that his activity was myriad and he was super active. Most people were interacting and or reading his opinions regularly here. He was becoming a fixture.... a noisy fixture, and was ripe for leading young lambs astray. All he had to do was activate. srayzie just says hey guys Q posted, She has some good help running pings for her but that seems about it. From there we see a diverse group of commenters. But Ian was a working hard on this sub, when we all know that our most valuable work is in out reach, not in being a Sub whore. So what was he after? Whatever it was he nor the sub needed it.

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Oh, Miss Psycho Broad...

Surprise surprise. You’re butting in and causing drama. If you want me to share the attack on me that you pulled the other day where you made an absolute fool out of yourself, then have at it. You added to all the attacks I had for 3 weeks and you made claims that were not true. So, then you accuse me and other mods of deleting it from your inbox, as if we cen even do that. I’ve ignored you ever since.

I’ve had MANY people here ask me to ban him. He’s one of the most active users. So yes, I announced it. People are going to wonder where he is and I’m not going to dedicate a whole post to him alone.

Stop being an attention whore. This isn’t even about you, but of course you want to make it about you. Get a life.

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