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  1. Can we see a link to the v/whatever thread?

  2. Can you post screen grabs of the PMs?

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It started here...

Ian was AGGRESIVELY attacking @ArtistiqueJewelry. He was saying awful things to her. She’s not the crude type. She’s a good Christian lady who makes YouTube videos and steemit articles. Ian loses it over her. He’s attacked her before just as aggressively. She wrote me and thought about leaving. I asked her to participate here more if she was going to post her steemit articles. That way she establishes credibility. She has done that and she usually does good work and barely makes a dime. Her replies to him aren’t even vulgar. So why he gets so angry over this lady is beyond me.

Here he’s attacking the lady. Expand the tree...
Ian’s attacking her

I stood up for her and told him that I couldn’t believe how he was treating her. That he has been accused several times for shilling, etc...
Here is my comment.

Here she is standing up for herself...
Her comment

I log back on a little later and see that Ian had been attacking me, @Shizy, and @Crensch. Even accusing me and Shizy of being the SAME person...
Ian’s comments

This is Ian’s response. Follow this thread all the way down and you will see where I banned him. Expand tree...
Intense thread

Then he started sending me private messages... The screenshots don’t show the correct time. It’s always messed up for me...
Private messages

I’ve had it out with Ian before. We moved on and were good for months. I’ve always thought Ian had some sort of mental illness, so ai took more from him than I normally would.
Here is that fight

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Technically she could just block him. It's your sub. You started it and maintain it so it's your call. But I'd be careful about white knighting every thin skinned user. I will say that I don't see any major pushback from the users on this.

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These are the links that I wasn't allowed to submit in comment for some reason.

They won't submit whether linking or pasting the url so I just did the last specification with number.

Tried that, not working, going to give you the part in reddit where I responded.
Reddit link with attacker links Here

Also as far as Srayzie telling me to comment more. . .when I do, I get very little to no feedback back and was always fine with that. I don't always get people commenting on my posts and I just assumed it was a Free Country. I would Never think of forces others to interact with me or comment, yet I was singled out and told to do so. Many times there are enemies I have even upvoted included Orwell and EC and they simply continue their hate.

I feel I have tried to go above and beyond. I don't expect others to do the same. . .I know better, I know how most of humanity is. . .but there are Still those Worth saving!

That is Not to say I don't notice the Good People! I value them and thank God for them every day. There Are the Only hope and many don't even realize it yet!

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Yes. Just a minute.

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Twitter is getting pretty interesting, most political posts have lots of Q-related replies. 😁

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Tack srayzie!

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Donkey is much more toxic around here and a general disruptive asshat who shows up just to disrupt. Perhaps this banning should be a precident to justify giving that jackass and his many alts the boot.

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Donkey is no where compared to oh_Well_ian. Ian appears to want to help and posts good things. Then he ruthlessly attacks everyone who disagrees with him. He makes people afraid to post and want to leave. He’s also made several submission rule violations. Submission posts are a lot bigger deal than comments when it comes to banning.

Donkey is just a retard that nobody listens to. I can’t just ban people for being annoying. I CAN, but it’s not good to because then we are looked at like Reddit. People come out of the woodwork and attack the sub for doing things like that. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

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Got it !

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I've been sitting back waiting to see how this plays out before throwing in my .02:

As I see it:

  • I have had PM exchanges with both Srayzie and Ian. I personally harbor no ill will against either. And frankly, I generally like both of them without exception, based on both PM and post comments.

  • There are forces out there working hard to divide and separate us in all sorts of manners. Right now - the usual shills are sitting back laughing their asses off at us.

  • Outside of the immediate v/GA (and v/PG) Voat communities, we shouldn't give a shit about external commentary on this matter.

  • There is no way to prove/disprove comments made towards one another outside of open posts. PM comments are exactly that - Private Messages - and can be faked without a recourse. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, just stating fact.

  • A sub like GA needs new content frequently in order to retain interest. Hopefully, the posts are conducive to the mission and provide an opportunity for productive dialogue, further contributing to our understanding of The Great Awakening. Ian has done a great job keeping relevant content coming over the GA transom.

  • Likewise, Srayzie has done a great job keeping GA running on a skeleton crew. And like many of us, she has a real life, complete with all the commitments, stresses, and asshole IRL. Sometimes that can spill over here. I know it does with me.

Having said all of that, I do not condone speaking to another person, much less a woman, in the way that his been portrayed here. And I'm confident Ian has a real life too, which may have contributed to his responses. (I'm making the assumption that statements in the OP are factual)

The solution is to reinstate Ian, based on his contribution history. And you two need to sort things out - privately. Don't air dirty laundry for shills to see. We are supposedly adults here.

If there are unsaid allegations pertaining to shilling, deception, trickery, subversion, etc. - then make the accusations here in public and hash it out and let the chips fall where they may.

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