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The parallel between Trump and Lincoln (in this area) is incredible. The establishment in his own party laughed at Lincoln, mocked him, thought they could control him. By the end, he was admired and respected for what he had done and his "folksy" way of doing it.

I'm not saying Trump is Lincoln, but people are mistaken when they sell him short, and trying to undermine him is cowardly.

If you think you have a reason to remove him, or evidence that he is truly a nutcase, then come forward. You do the Republic a disservice by taking shots from the shadows.

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What a laughable piece of shit. If I were an editor I would have thrown it in the circular file on awful grammar and syntax alone.

If this were a real "WH insider" they could have, at a minimum, mentioned certain architectural details in restricted areas as a pseudo confirmation. Other details too.

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Lib literary fantasy fiction porn

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Dear Penthouse Forum, I never thought this would happen to me, but...

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Fuck yeah, in a couple of weeks I'm going to show up just down the street at our police station with a bunch of donuts and muffins from the donut store and let them know how much I appreciate the men in our town for doing such a great job because we have almost no drug addicts, drunks, and I don't think we have a single homeless person in our town either. They've done a great job and we should all show our support unless you guys have a liberal department then fuckem because they might be the problem and not the cure like the boys in blue in my town. Way to go Mr President, far better than that Muslim Dog that was in office before you.

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What they call a high ranking official is probably like a Deputy Director of Conservation for the Department of the Interior or something. I'm very skeptical its what most of us would consider a "high-ranking official".

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It was probably written by Woodward.

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That's what I thought.

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This person would have to be cleared at Yankee White level to have such insight. I don't believe one word of it. But it would require YW.

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It's created out of THIN AIR.

FULL STOP on any speculation that this in nothing more than a PANIC BUTTON response for a collection of TRAITORS who have ran out of options.

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Indeed. My gosh Chuck Todd was stumbling over his words and breathless just now lol. This is getting good.

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Unbelievable. Literally.

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and proceeds to KICK THE EVER-LOVING SHIT out of the NY Times.


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Traitors will NOT be treated favorably by ANY good person.

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The notion of "treason" has been minimized over the last 40 years. Almost anyone under 30, not in the military or LE, has no idea what the concept of "treason" means. They think it's another tranny handing a thumbdrive to WL.

None of them know we executed people only 70 years ago for far less crimes than the ones at hand.

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