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Anybody have anything definitive on white rabbits? They are a big deal with the cabal. Playboy bunnies, dismembered bunnies, Alex Podesta and his bunny mannequins, now Nike, etc.

"Follow the white rabbit." - Q

Someone speculated about the pope's headpiece looking like two rabbit ears. I feel so left out of the club.

There's a pic of Gloria Vanderbilt with a white rabbit ring on, left hand where wedding ring should go, appears to be genuine.

White rabbit ears...




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I can't find the reference any more, but I read once that there is wordplay involved with the ancient Greek word for young boys used sexually by older men sounding similar to the word for "hare". Sorry I don't have a source but I keep hoping that someone out there who knows the language will provide further insights. They say Lewis Carroll was into little girls so the symbolism could be completely unrelated.

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The artwork is incredibly damning, as usual. The quintessential pedo collection. Makes me wonder about many of the other major CEOs who stepped down. Anyone have time to look into the art collections of recent CEO resignations?

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Been saying it... and you know it >> THIS IS THE FORTUNE 500

They are ALL kid torturing, Satanic shitbags! Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jamie Dimond, on and on and on...

Once you have all the money in the world, what else will satisfy your insatiable quest for POWER? They are the descendants of bloodlines who have been doing these same things for hundreds, if not 1000's of years.

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I almost wrote Fortune 500 companies...

Part of it is "thrill-seeking". The next rush must be more extreme than the last. The endgame is cannabalism via SRA, rape, murder, torture, sex, money, power, fame.

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You might have seen this. That twitter feed is an eye opener.


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Ryden and A. Podesta are not the same artist.

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I know, I'm mainly trying to figure out the white rabbit / bunny theme.