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Per the latest Q drop, Sara Carter just said the unredacted 20 pages of the FISA application will be coming out this week.

"A week to remember."

And Q just posted a comedy clip of Trump tackling Hillary and Q says "Almost."

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that football clip is gold

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You should use night mode. Also why don't emojis display properly for you? Very suspicious

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I guess your milkshake does bring all the boys to the yard...

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Yes, I support the abuse of trolls, concern trolls, and shills alike.

And what do I care how this board is ran? Go back to Reddit with your lame ass complaints.

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Invidio.us lets you watch it at 2x speed

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That little under-eye scratch means 'i see you'

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it means I saw that you Son of a Bitch.

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I cant find it now but y'day on twitter there was a composite of images from the funeral of Hillary's goons all slipping each other something small, it was suggested maybe that with their computers being monitored theyre slipping each other thumb drives

maybe that explains the Mattis deathstare

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They anticipated such and were in there watching and filming each other HARD.

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This is awesome

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it definitely looks strange. It looks like hes been marked for death or something there is a few people watching him after Abedin left, Speculation I think these people probably have signs set up for all sorts of things (things so subtle only an initiate would know). I mean they say stuff like "the eyes have it" "the nose have it" maybe im reading too much into it but maybe him touching the left shoulder of Abedin was a back off signal bacause they were being watched?

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they say "the ayes have it"

you stupid fuck

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I'm aware of that. I'm from a place where we still say "aye" (pronounced as "eye") to say yes. My point was they all (politicians ) have peculiar habits of touching their faces whilst looking at people, across a room, who seem to understand what is being relayed and Ayes and Eyes or No's And Nose, seem obvious to be used as a silent signal across the room its called arbitrage. I don't know if you have a Congress or senate tv channel, but UK has something like that you can watch.... well often its the Politicians sleeping, but you can often catch them tapping their Noses and Temples. If you cant put that together then you go "stupid fuck" yourself, and don't call people names it makes baby Jesus cry. Incaase your still having trouble understanding what arbitrage is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbitrage.

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Not initiated to congressional proceedings go easy LMAO

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Looks like she slipped something into his pocket and he touches his coat pocket a little to make sure it didn't fall out.

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Yes, on my second look it does.

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Kissinger looks like he shat his depends.

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