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There's the Orwellian posse after me. He got angry because I wouldn't take a post down concerning Antifa and George Soros being their funder.

Didn't matter to me if the group dressed up and did it as a parody or not (there is No Definitive proof it is parody). If it is. . .same take away. .. Soros funds Antifa proven over and over and reported on One America News network.

He's been harassing with verbal attacks, name calling and abuse. He gets his group to defend his vile behavior while they all down vote and send hate.

He has attacked me before so I am used to this.

Thanks for asking. He gets hung up on the wrong thing and tries to force and bully others into his belief system or else.

After he did the attacks, he called me to defend myself. I know I didn't need to, nor do I have to engage, but did defend myself because he does this very thing to others and it is very harmful to The Plan and those who try to collaborate and share out Truth to wake others up.

If you need to see verification. . .here is where I was called out to Defend myself for not bowing to Oh's Will.

Completely understand if you don't want to see any of the drama.
Orwell's call for me to defend myself Here


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Shut the fuck up ya whiny bitch.

The Plan is for you to make a hot dinner and keep quiet.

"Soros funds antifa" what a terrific novel insight.

I'd expect nothing less on a conspiracy discussion board entirely based on BLINDLY TRUSTING THE HEAD OF GOVT.

LMAO. So utterly predictable from women. Jesus Christ.


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You're such a worthless dickbag!


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