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Another, "hey guys, go to my Steemit link so I can earn money" type of post.

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Ignore the downvoats - likely trying to put you off posting.

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Thank you! Most truth tellers know votes are irrelevant because the true reward is. . .

Truth Will Stand on it's Own!

That's a truly Beautiful thing! Godspeed!

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Oh, did I mention there was an Oh Well or Orwellian hater after me who got his posse to also harass and call vile names because they didn't like a video I posted? More than likely they are the ones down voting. . .they do it to Everything I post here and tried to spread their hate on other platforms. The people on a different Qanon platform new right away what they were up to.

All they could focus on was the fact that a parody account had posted the video, but No Evidence exists that they created the footage as it was posted on other people's twitter accounts, one guy lost his account after posting it And the Bigger Picture is George Soros Does indeed fund Antifa.

How these same people don't have an issue with educating people based on a meme, nor did they attack Qanon when he put a pic up Cernovich had posted many said (several months before Q posted it) it was a spoof. The content and idea was Still Very Relevant, which I would guess is Why Q used it.

All will come to light though in due time! Take Care!

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B-b-b-but they claim to not be making money!. @sryazie, if this user (autistic jewery) doesn't deserve a faggot shill flair, no one does. It's pretty clear they're here to advertise for themselves. The Jew Tube link in the profile, the constant links to their Steemit (which is where the money really comes into play). This movement isn't about earning a few bucks along the way.